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  1. Adrian's Vr

    How is the clutch pedal meant to sit? HELP

    Hi all just wondering, i have a VR with a T5, i recently bought a pedal spring that pushes the pedal up, now my pedel is "unadjustable" so does the GM spring push the pedel to the floor or and i adjusting it incorrectly?? Thanks
  2. Sandst4rm

    VT Throttle cable broken (another one)

    G'day guys So yes, i broke the flimsy plastic thread on my calais' throttle cable but that is not the point here. So i go down to repco at wingfield and pick up a new one with a metal thread, get home and pull the old one out and what's this... its too short. Next day i go back to repco and ask...
  3. I

    Serial data connector (aldl)

    Hi guys, ive been trying to troubleshoot my aldl connector as to why its not working with another member on this forum and i still haven't been able to get it working. things that have been suggested. - test for 12v between pin 5 and 16 (pass) - test that the CEL is working by shorting out...
  4. J

    can I get some help :)

    Hey guys I really need some help. I drive a VT executive and I love it but I really want to modify it some how. I have seen some videos and am interested in doing some stuff to the car but I'm not completely confident in my ability to do so. I have read in some places that tightening the...
  5. C

    VR Statesman bonnet stuck please help!!!

    Hi all, I'm in a bit of a pickle....... The bonnet cable has broken / become detached right at the latch. Pulling the cable from inside the car does nothing. I have tried getting at it from underneath without success. Does anyone have any ideas??? (without using a grinder?) To add to...
  6. W

    Vs 1995 bonnet opening issue... not a car smart person

    Hi There, I got a 1995 vs Commodore a few months back, its awesome, there is something up with the bonnet cable, the bonnet opens, but someone has to pull the lever while another person pushes on the front centre of the bonnet. I mentioned this to me friend who also has a commodore, and she...
  7. C

    power window cable!!

    hey, my power window cable on my back left door has come off, ive taken the whole door trim apart an that and tryed to put the cable bak on but its just impossibe to get back on the runners and holders, help please????