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  1. R

    Growler CAI

    Haven't really been able to find any up to date discussions or reviews on the Growler cold air intake from SS Inductions. I went ahead and installed one on my 2012 VE 2 SIDI on Wednesday. $600 for the pack. (combined with a X-force 2.5" SS catback) It looks significantly better than the...
  2. X

    Pod filter on SIDI 3.0L

    Hey guys, I decided to fiddle around with my intake and fit a pod filter. I disconnected the sensor after the air filter and unhooked the airbox. Upon taking the airbox out, I noticed there is a second sensor before the air filter but still in the top half of the box. I've had a google...
  3. C

    Cold air intake v8 vg

    Hello all.......been browsing around cold air intake options for my ute .....does any one have a link to previous threads about fitting c.a.i to the vg or just some pointers on the do's and don'ts...... Have a vt Cai but it does not look compatible tho I may be wrong... Thanx all talk soon
  4. Nitro_X

    Cold Air Intake and Insurance

    For those who have fitted an after market cold air intake, eg: the Orrsom OTR CAI Did this effect your insurance premiums? My insurance states that any modifications must be notified as they could effect any future claims. Did you have any issues with the transport department? (I'm in...
  5. H

    Cold Air Intake, is it viable to make your own?

    Im no mechanic, but looking at some of the off the shelf products already available, they seem to be just a few pieces of pipe and a pod filter on the end. These usually go for $250+ which isn't out of the budget, but it's also at that limit where I think to myself "Well I could build one for...
  6. klavins

    [VIC] WTB: VE Series 1 V6 OTR CAI

    DESCRIPTION: Want to Buy ITEM: OTR CAI for my Series 1 V6 VE Commodore LOCATION: Mount Waverley, VIC 3149 CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Can pay postage or pick up (pick up preferred) PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash, bank transfer, or PayPal CONTACT DETAILS: text me on...
  7. Mattde

    Alloytec V6 OTR style CIA...

    So Ksport Australia here in NSW posted a new style air intake to suit V6 VZ & VE. for $199 with free freight upon pre-order until Mid July it sounds like a good price for what it is. Looks Pretty neat IMO but thus far my speculations are as follows: - How does its performance match up to...
  8. D

    2005 vz sv6 CAI problem

    Hey everyone just confused atm about what is going on with the cai. i installed a cai kit from mace engineering and at first i noticed a difference with throttle response but mostly the sound was greatly improved and i was stoked but a few days and drives later the noise or throttle response...
  9. Scrubmonk

    [General] How to use Plasti Dip for Carbon Fibre Effect

    Like many people, I have seen the Plasti Dip Youtube clips - and when a local shop had it on special, I decided to give it a go. I had an SS Inductions Cold Air Intake to put on my VS V8 Commodore, it is the CAI was for a V6, but I had recently installed thermo fans which meant I could make the...
  10. KGkid

    What is the best performance mod for a VZ Alloytech???

    Hey everyone. Im thimking of spending more money on my ute and am having a hard time deciding what to buy. Its bit of a toss up between a set of performance headers and a CAI, but any ideas would be much appreciated.
  11. L

    Ve otr cai trouble

    I have recently installed a Over the Radiator Cold Air Intake. I know it does need a tune but the day i installed the Cai the light came up when i was driving it said Stabilty control fault. so i pulled over turned car off and turned back on still showing up, then suddenly dissapeard when i was...
  12. B

    SS Inductions GROWLER CAI on Statesman WH V6 - Whistling noise and Pink Slip Drama

    Dear ALL I have been using SS Inductions GROWLER COLD AIR INDUCTION Part no. CAI031 on my Statesman WH V6. Since the Growler kit is fitted there is a whistling/hissing noise when I accelerate. I had contacted SS Inductions and received a 1 liner email from Mr. Shane Podmore advising that...
  13. Chady

    [VIC] Misc Parts for sale. (Wrecking VR V6 Auto)

    Created a new thread. http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/parts-other-items-sale/206756-vr-vs-v6-performance-mods-sale.html
  14. Chris_

    [VIC] WTB Duspeed OTR for VE V8

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Duspeed OTR CAI preferably white or black for VE V8 LOCATION: North Melbourne CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pay postage or pickup 1.5hrs from Melb CBD PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Paypal, Bank Transfer CONTACT DETAILS: PM...
  15. D

    SS Induction kit installation question

    hi, just a quick question for the ss induction kit that I picked up for free the other day... After I removed the standard airbox, there is a plastic shroud under the head light that helps direct air into the hole in the standard airbox.. is this left in there or replaced with the ss induction...
  16. D

    *SS Cold Air Intake into a VU V6 ute*

    Okay so I just picked up a new ss v8 cai and k&n air filter for a swift hundgy and I want to try and put it in my v6 vu ute, now just by placing it over the new one it looks like some of the piping to the radiator is going to be in the way. Just wondering if anyone has done this conversion...
  17. Rourkie

    Series 2 VE SV6 full exhaust system and cai, help!

    Hey guys, was just wondering if anyone else has heard anything about full exhaust systems for the sidi engine yet? Is anyone making them? Also, anyone who has installed a cai such as a growler or the like, has it given you any change in performance or fuel figures? I heard that as it is a direct...
  18. M

    [QLD] WTB: HSV VY Series 2 Airbox (Bottom half will do)

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: HSV VY Series 2 Airbox (Bottom half will do) LOCATION: QLD / Wide Bay CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Willing to pay postage/shipping costs or travel to pick up if not too far. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash, Bank Transfer, Paypal...
  19. bennyboy91

    air hammer needing to drill holes for installation??

    hey guys i have an 06 VE SV6 completely stock!! i was thinking of getting the air hammer CAI full kit, which means with the air box. i have heard that you need to drill into the body to install this! is this true! im abit worried about drilling into the body to install an air box...
  20. CuRt007

    What power will I be putting down?

    Hey guys, Just wondering what power I'd be throwing down at the wheels with these mods. Its a VT V6 5speed 3.8L ecotec. Its got a Mace CAI, Mace 1.98:1 roller rockers and 2.5" cat back. Also, if i got a tune, what extra power would i be looking at? Cheers, Curtis :)
  21. VLC86

    pod filter with CAI setups

    hey guys.. iv been looking through all of the old threads about the pod filters vs. CAI. Just wanted to ask, i have seen on a few vl's that you can hook up a pod filter to the car, but also buy some parts that give direct air intake from below, behind the bumper. Its hard to explain, but i...
  22. D

    Just Installed CAI

    Hey Guys, --2004 VY V6 S-Pack-- I just installed my own version of a CAI. I Cost me $55 for all parts. I picked up a CAI flexible pipe from AutoOne at Waitara (NSW) and some cable ties. Basically i cut a hole right next to the stock intake hole in the airbox and connected up the flexi...
  23. 01VU2

    Another CAI question...

    Ok, firstly i apologise in advance for asking a question on this topic, i CAN use the search tool and i know theres squillions of threads on CAI's. HOWEVER im asking a pretty specific question and i cant seem to find the answer. SO, i have a vu series II ute and im servicing it and i was going...
  24. J

    VZ SV6 Advice

    Hey guys, Just bought a Impulse Blue SV6 ('05) 2 weeks ago and looking to do some mods. Its my first car so have limited experience in DIY mods however for the speakers have got a mate who can help me out. First of all - CAI: I've heard the K&N air filter and the 2 hole mod works well...
  25. (CODEZ)

    how to install an OTR CAI

    gday all, how would i go about installing an over the radiator cold air intake in my 92 VP V6? can the pipe from the intake go straight into the air box or do i have to cut a hole? thanks guys im just a beginner :p
  26. A


    just experimenting with the air intake on a vy commodore. would this setup work to my advantage? ive seen this on another car before. ive cut the bottom of the snorkel to let air in through the grill and into the air intake rather than trying to cram it all under the closed hood.
  27. apoc585

    useless CAI?

    Ok, i know this may sounds stupid, but ive been thinkin about my CAI for a while now and cant see how it would work to my advantage watsoever... I have a VS Maloo that is stock, with the standard HSV OTR CAI down to the air box and into the engine... now my problem:bang:... with the Maloo front...
  28. A

    air box mods-please respond to my question

    i am curious about the air box mods people are doing i.e. 2 hole mod and whatnot :) why do people run 2 tubes from the air box to the back of the headlight? i dont understand how cold air is supposed to reach that area and why dont people just run a hose from the original hole(where the...
  29. immortality

    My NZ VN V6

    My NZ VN V6 -waiting to be BLOWN with giggle gas My ride, 1989 s1 VN executive V6, 5spd Mods: LSD with 3.45:1 gears SV3800 tune modified by me :) Coby headers and 2.5" exhaust (without cat) V8 65mm TB, modified butterfly and shaft shielded K&N POD with CAI and thermal wrapped...