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  1. Ashy2

    Vx ls1 Black smoke

    Hey guys, My brother in law recently Acquired a vx Calais with a Ls1 including; Vcm 710 cam Fuel cell with 60L raceworks tank and Bosch o44 pump Gfb fuel reg 2800 high stall converter When he’s taken it for a ‘drive’ it’s started Playing up, and throwing black smoke out the rear, we’ve been...
  2. stockyvrcalais

    [VIC] VX Calais Gen3 V8 low k's with books and 4.5 years warranty !!

    ITEM: 2000 VX Calais V8 LOCATION: Vic Melbourne YEAR: Late 2000 VX Calais SERIES: VX BADGE: Calais ENGINE: 5.7 Gen3 V8 TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: Maroon EXTERIOR CONDITION: Excellent INTERIOR CONDITION: Very good TYRE CONDITION: Front 70% - Rear 60% TYRE SIZE...