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  1. TobyVS

    Calais/Berlina Chrome Trim

    Looking for the chrome window trim bits off a VR/VS Calais/Berlina for my Exec. Is there anywhere that sells this or will I just have to pray for a wreckers to supply? Cheers
  2. C

    Stereo Replacement Advice

    Hi, I’ve got a 2013 calais vf with the stock standard stereo. I am looking to update it with something newer but I want it to still have the buttons and nobs on it as I dislike touch screens in cars. I found one under the band name Kayhan but the reviews for that brand seemed a little negative...
  3. Glaze

    Airbag light question

    There’s multiple threads regarding the dreaded airbag light on commodores - most common issue being the clockspring. However I used a scan tool to check airbag fault on a 2002 VX LS1 and it came up with “fault 21 driver airbag circuit resistance too high”. Can’t find what “fault 21” refers to...
  4. Q

    VL Shell

    Hey all Long shot but chasing a shell for sale preferably in NSW but can travel interstate for the right car Can be a berlina or Calais Thanks everyone
  5. L


    DESCRIPTION: Hi, Looking for some VZ Calais Panels doors & front bumper hoping to find them in Black ( I Think its "Phantom mica" Black). Or if you have had some good experiences buying online aftermarket etc ITEM: 2005 VZ Calais V6 LOCATION: LISMORE AREA Northern NSW 2480 CONDITION: New...
  6. CoqVT

    VY ecotec into VX LS1

    Hey fellas, just wondering what exactly i would need to swap a VY drivetrain into a VX LS1? (Both Sedans) I have a complete VY donor vehicle and was wondering what i would need to swap over from the a VY Exec V6 to a VX Calais LS1. Would it be possible swapping the K-frame from one to the...
  7. Glaze

    Fuel pump plug question

    So… I got a fuel tank and pump complete off a 99 WH Caprice. After removing tank and setting up the caprice tank to fit into my car (2002 VX Calais) turns out the plugs are different. LS1 by the way, I thought they were all the same maybe not VY/VZ but yeah if anyone can confirm if the plugs are...
  8. K

    Vl v8 one piece tailshaft measurements

    Does anyone know measurements for tailshaft vl v8 one piece
  9. Wickham_1995

    Welcome to the thermostat club!

    Hey guys, Recently bought a 2018 Calais V with AWD LGX V6. Coming home from Melbourne last night, temperature gauge was working and noticed about an hour later that hit had dropped to '50' and never moved. Have the typical thermo fan run for about 5 minutes after shutdown and no A/C. Scanned it...
  10. Skillo

    Will a VT calais lip kit fit on my executive VT

    I am wondering if a Calais lip kit (front,back and sides) is going to fit on my 1999 vt executive -Any info and advice would be appreciated- (the white vt lip kit is the one in question that I am wondering will fit on my silver vt with the current stock black lip kit)
  11. Glaze

    VX LS1 fuel pump question

    So turns out 4 year old fuel doesn’t work anymore… I drained the tank by bridging the relay and worked okay but noticed barely any pressure, also after bridging for a while fuel stopped coming out. I can still hear the pump whirring while bridged but no fuel seen, is it safe to assume fuel pump...
  12. Glaze

    VX LS1 Electrical Malfunction

    Hey all have a bit of an electrical issue with me 02 LS1 calais I replaced rear main and inlet manifold gaskets and during that time battery was disconnected. Earlier this week once everything was ready to fire up, I connected the battery and noticed the cluster did not work (gauges, no...
  13. A

    VF Speedo Issue?

    Hey guys, just wanted to see if anyone else has this issue Noticed today that my analog and digital speedo don't match, seems 6/7km variance between the two. After a few stop and starts at low speed, I've noticed that the needle on the analog speedo seems to be resting a few cms below the 0km...
  14. B

    Suspension cleaning and price rec.

    I AM NOT TRYING TO SELL ANYTHING HERE, JUST ASKING FOR ADVICE. Hey there, I’ve just recently joined and had a question about commodore suspension. I have a 2009 VE Calais and inherited some racing grade suspension. I recently got it replaced as the top mounts broke and am now looking to sell...
  15. Jaggedblue

    VE Calais Alloytec SIDI P2313 issue.

    I have a fault code coming up for Ignition Coil Cylinder 5 Circuit High Voltage(P2313). I have replaced the plugs and coils and checked the fuses but that hasn't fixed the problem, the misfire and code keep returning. Has anyone experienced this issue before and managed to resolve it, if so how...
  16. C

    Sunshade unclipped???!!!

    Hey fellas Got my car detailed the other day and looks like the clown has tampered with the sunroof and potentially unclipped the lining of the sunshade (see pic). I feel as though it's potentially fallen back into the roof trim. What can I do here, is this an easy fix? Any help would be...
  17. N

    VY instrument cluster - all icons are lit up on center lcd

    Hi, The center lcd on my instrument cluster on my VY has stopped working properly. It’s showing all the icons and the center area is blacked out. When i turn the car off the images stay on the center lcd, the illumination lights do go off though. The two side lcds are displaying fine. The...
  18. Glaze

    LS1 sump gasket leak

    Doing a bit of hunting on the shed ornament. Chasing a leak either sump gasket or rear main. I’ve attached a YouTube vid of what I recorded. Around 40-50secs oil can be seen seeping slowly from sump bolt before the bolts that holds sump to rear main seal plate. Towards the end of the vid, the...
  19. Glaze

    LS1 checking fault codes

    Hey all can’t seem to find a way to check for fault codes on an LS1. It’s a 2002 VX Calais. I bridged pins 5 and 6 but looks like that only works for the V6 and 304 engines. Do I bridge different pins or that method is out of the question for the VX LS1s. Cheers
  20. M

    Central locking issues 4 dead doors locks with remote but lights flash boot opens. 3 button key vs v8 calais.

    Hi I have a vs calias v8 and sits for a long time. My 3 button key remote won't open the doors lights flash horn sounds once and no signs of movement. The key opens lock but does not trigger the other doors. It's as if all actuators have no power. When trying to lock or open the interior lights...
  21. Y

    Calais front grill

    Can someone tell me if i can put on sv6 front grill on calais. I want to buy calais 2017 but prefer the look of sv6.
  22. DirtyDan

    No Crank :(

    Hey so iv been working on a 97 VS Calais with a LB9 5l v8 and getting no crank, starter replaced and i checked that it is getting power but still no crank, the cars been sitting for about a year or so (fresh battery in car) but they keys battery is dead, iv tried swapping the start and ingintion...
  23. J

    2010 VE Calais O2 Sensor multiple faults

    Hey guys I’m looking for some help with a VE 2010 S2 Calais. It’s only done 30 thousand ks but it was throwing a fault code P2273 Bank 2 Sensor 2 stuck rich. I swapped it out and then got fault code P0161 on the replacement sensor heater circuit on the same sensor. Swapped out for a new Bosch...
  24. Glaze

    Painting the Calais

    Posting for anyone willing to share their knowledge. The shed ornament needs some TLC. Saved it a long time ago. I’m good with tools though have no panel repair experience but was wondering if I should have a go at fixing any of these damages or take it to a panel shop? One rear quarter has...
  25. ephect

    [VIC] VN VP Chrome Quarter Windows Pair - SOLD

    ITEM: 2x VN VP Sedan Chrome Quarter Windows selling as a pair. Date stamp is 91-93 as shown in photos. May fit VR VS but VN/VP are longer and has 3 extra holes Glass is in great condition and the mount bolts are all there. Chrome surround does have some marks, but overall great condition...
  26. Dandan95

    Engine light 08 VV6 commodore Calais sportswagon

    Hi all, I have 08 Calais Sportwagon the engine light illuminated on Sunday while warming up It did have some fuel smell coming out of exhaust but it had been parked up for a week. Any ideas on what it could be? It did have a bit of funny idle where it dropped and picked back up
  27. C

    Car market watch- Post interesting cars you see for sale here

    I thought I'll start a thread of interesting cars you've found for sale on the internet because why not? :)
  28. lovedores

    VH 1981 Converting From Holden Calais 1989

    Hi all, Looking at transferring engine and running gear from 1989 Calais to a 1981 VH Commodore. Does anyone have information if it’s basically straight forward or lots of dramas with this pending project. Any advise would be appreciated. Cheers Lovedores
  29. MaxCommie689

    [VF] Add a high tone horn to VF2 (2016+) Commodore/ Calais models

    Parts used: OE 500 Hz High Tone horn (ebay). Cost me $15 shipped, after discounts Pig tail/ extension for the horn (AliExpress). Cost me $8 shipped, after discounts. Note: pick the one marked as "for Ford" Tools used: 10mm socket Short handle socket wrench (longer handles will not work in...
  30. S

    VE Series 2 Calais Tail Light upgrade

    Hi all, looking for confirmation on this. I've got a MY12 VE Calais Series 2 and in looking to upgrade to the VE SS, SSV, SV6 tail lights. I'm fairly sure they are interchangeable but wanting to confirm before I purchase!
  31. M

    VF commodore/calais lock nut covers

    Hi all! Have a VF Calais V with lock nuts on it. I noticed one of the lock nut covers has partly broke on the wheel. See below: The chrome part has come off and I cannot get the cover part off now which is just rubber. For reference this is how the cover looks normally: Any ideas on...
  32. S

    2011/12 VE Calais series 2 V6 Exhaust

    Hey all! New here so apologies if this isn't posted in the right area. I recently bought a MY12 VE Calais Series II V6 3.6L Sedan. Wanting to keep it mainly stock but I'd like to get a bit more rumble out of it. Not looking to wake the neighbours or anything but hoping to get some...
  33. S

    Differences between series 1 and series 2 cluster for the VE

    So I'm thinking of buying a Calais cluster with the same amount of k's as my current cluster has. Was just wondering if there's a difference between the series 1 clusters and the series 2? Also wondering if a v6 cluster will fit my v8 as the seller (on ebay) hasn't responded so I'm not sure if...
  34. M

    VL Calais n/a engine tags/codes

    Hi all, Need some assistance regarding the vl calais non turbo. Looking at a 1986 one and I can’t seem to find the paint code anywhere & all the other codes interior axles etc match. Paint code: 1B 002-B Its a medium blue/navy colour but I can’t find this code anywhere. Any help would be great
  35. H

    VS commodore poor fuel economy

    I’ve had my auto 1996 vs spac commodore for a little over a year and while it’s been very reliable it’s had terrible fuel economy. When I first got it I used to get about 400kms to a tank just driving around (not city driving but not highway) but in recent months I’ve been struggling to get...
  36. N

    2004 VY Calais

    Hi, I've got a 2004 VY Calais and recently I've been feeling a clunking/movement under the drivers side floor when turning and on rougher roads. I pulled the sway bar links and the top end was bent. I figured this would be due to a wheel alignment issue, so I got a wheel alignment done and...
  37. H

    Passenger side mirror faulty

    Hi all, I have a vy calais and recently my passenger side mirror started playing up. When I press one of my presets on my seat, the side mirror won't go into the right position and will just tilt all the way up (facing the sky) or even when I go into reverse the mirror won't tilt to the lower...
  38. H

    Faulty passenger side mirror

    Hi all, I have a vy calais and recently my passenger side mirror started playing up. When I press one of my presets on my seat, the side mirror won't go into the right position and will just tilt all the way up (facing the sky) or even when I go into reverse the mirror won't tilt to to the lower...
  39. M

    Vy calais on and off miss firing

    My vy calais 5.7 is on and off miss firing and shuddering, it is intermittent. Runs completely fine for awhile then goes bad again, on and off constantly, I think when this happens it drops a few cylinders. O2 sensors were changed a week ago, just had all the spark plugs and leads changed. It’s...
  40. S


    Hi All Hoping you could help out with some advice on what the issue could be. For the last few weeks, when I am stationary and the car is in park or drive it starts shaking/vibration and I don’t know if it’s from the transmission area or motor. Basically comes and goes anyone has this problem...