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  1. F

    WM caprice brake upgrade

    Hey guys, Disclaimer - im very very new to holden modifications and have just recently gotten more into it. Please excuse the dumb questions. So im just trying to personalise my car a bit, its a 2007 wm caprice v6 (yes i know but im on p's). Ive smacked new wheels on it (20x8.5 front and 20x10...
  2. family fix it man

    VE caliper slide pins and bolts.

    Where can I buy new caliper slide pins and bolts. They are near impossible to find online. For such a common part, why are they so hard to find? I just need one pin and bolt to fix my car, do I have to spend big money on a full caliper repair kit, or does someone here know where I can get just...
  3. A

    VY SS Torque settings (brake calipers)

    Hi, I'm about to replace my rotors and pads on my '03 VY SS Ute and have been trying to find the nut/screw torque settings for the calipers, I'm only doing the rears but i'd love the front settings as well for future reference. Could someone please help me out, Would be greatly appreciated...
  4. E

    [General] How to Paint your Brake Calipers - While Still Attached to the Car

    Hi Guys/Gals Its my first post and i thought i would share some know how. A simple guide on how to paint your brake calipers yourself and get an awesome finish. The most important part of painting anything is in the preparation. With automotive painting there is also the disadvantage...
  5. D

    VY SS Calipers

    Hey all, I just had a quick question. I have a VY SS ute that has ABS. My question is, are the brake calipers differant to one without ABS??? cheers guys
  6. D

    My Guide: Painting Brake Calipers (Pictures)

    For a step by step guide go to painting calipers on VE go to http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/general-discussion/155576-my-guide-caliper-painting-easy.html
  7. M

    VT Twin Piston Brake Upgrade

    Hi all, Thinking of upgrading the front brakes on my VK to VT twin piston calipers and rotors as I have heard they have the best stopping power. What I'm wondering is will the calipers bolt straight on to where my existing ones do, or do they need modifying? I'm aware that i need to get hub...
  8. VK SL 3800

    Brake upgrade

    Can somebody please clear up a few things for me, i know there are other threads covering this but having trouble finding a straight answer.......... 1. Do VP S2 V6 brakes and calipers bolt straight on to a VK strut without modification? 2. Do VN/VP V6 have the same size master cylinder 15/16...
  9. topdzl

    CR8 brake calipers

    Hi everyone I'm just wondering if I could fit CR8 calipers on my VT