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camber kit

  1. zeropalooba

    Clunking noise from IRS lowered with camber kit installed

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced problems with camber kits causing bolt holes to become flogged out. Some years ago I installed low king springs at the rear of my VS Acclaim with camber kits on the inner bushes. I had a shop do an alignment (the car was never right afterwards, steered...
  2. A

    VY SS Ute Rear Camber Kit

    Hi all, I have a VY SS Ute that was lowered by the previous owner, the rear tyres are wearing on the inside bad! A while back I got my tyres replaced and alignment done at The Tyre Factory, they told me I needed a camber kit, but for one reason or another, I had to postpone. But now I am due...
  3. speed__demond

    camber kit fitted $$?? melbourne se

    alright guys I have a vs statesman want it slammed of course :) but I was quoted 700 just for a rear camber kit installed, anyone know of somewhere a lot cheaper? im in Melbourne. Cranbourne way but I wouldent mind traveling a bit if it works out cheaper
  4. B

    VT VX sssl spring ride height

    hey, I've just bought a pair of ultra low king springs for the rear and super lows for the front of my 2000 VT, could you post some photos if you've got these springs so i can see what it will look like? also, i know i need to get new shocks and a camber kit, i was thinking of getting monroe...
  5. P

    VT Rear Camber Issues = FE2 Springs Require Camber Kit?

    Hi All I have searched high and low to find an answer but this is the best that I have come up with... Doesn't really answer my question.. :hmmm: http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/vt-vx-holden-commodore-1997-2002/77869-vt-needs-camber-kit.html Anyway I have a 97 VT I have fitted some...
  6. ANL53X

    VT/VX Ultra Low Springs. Few questions i have....

    I am going to lower my car soon and am undecided whether to go for ultra lows or super lows. I would go ultras in a heartbeat, but and curious is the rear guards would need to be rolled, how much it will scrape, and how effectively a 4 point camber kit is going to work at reducing the notorious...