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  1. JaydxnKennedy

    VE SS wagon rear camber adjustment

    Hi all, I have a VE SS sportswagon that’s sitting on SSSL’s with 20” (yeah buds) Simmons on 275x30x20 I have an issue with the amount of camber my rears have, are the rears adjustable on a wagon? Or is it only the sedans? And if anyone has any tips that would be greatly appreciated!!! Cheers.
  2. MiKExAUS

    VXii Front suspension/steering issue

    Edit:SOLVED! Air in power steering lines is most likely cause. Issue went away after longer drive. Perhaps do a few full locks when front wheels are in the air to bleed air from power steering lines if you perform similar repairs. Thanks to all who assisted! Shout out to VC commodore. Plenty...
  3. A

    VY SS Ute Rear Camber Kit

    Hi all, I have a VY SS Ute that was lowered by the previous owner, the rear tyres are wearing on the inside bad! A while back I got my tyres replaced and alignment done at The Tyre Factory, they told me I needed a camber kit, but for one reason or another, I had to postpone. But now I am due...
  4. H

    Camber Adjuster Bolts

    Hi All, Searched the forum and spoke to Holden today to try and get a set of front camber bolts for a VE SS. Holden gave me a blank pause and didn't know what i was talking about. Google has also failed me. Does anyone know of the part number or bolt type required for front camber...
  5. J

    Diff Cradles and Control Arms

    I have been trying to figure out what diff cradle and controll arms i can bolt into my VU ute so i can have the toe adjusting arms to reduce the tyre wear. I know that the sedan has different shock mounts and the wagon/ute use the same cradle but i have heard that they have different track...
  6. G

    Camber kit?

    Ok took my car to a so called professional yesterday after a whole lot of arguing he side looks like my car was lowered at some point so he said get a camber kit so I can adjust the toe and cambers. My question to him was what if I put suspension and springs that aren't lowered would that fix my...
  7. xDriiftPrincess

    How do you install a 4 point rear adjustable toe and camber kit?

    I have a '95 VS Calais and was just wondering how hard it is to install a rear toe and camber kit? Do they need to be pressed? Special tools? Basically everything I need to know to install them! (: Cheers guys!
  8. speed__demond

    camber kit fitted $$?? melbourne se

    alright guys I have a vs statesman want it slammed of course :) but I was quoted 700 just for a rear camber kit installed, anyone know of somewhere a lot cheaper? im in Melbourne. Cranbourne way but I wouldent mind traveling a bit if it works out cheaper
  9. T

    How far to lower VE without needing camber kit?

    hi all, just purchased myself a King springs and Monroe GT combo. going SSL's all round on my SSV. it has 20inch wheels. supposed to be a 50-60mm drop from standard. do i require a camber kit really bad? or is it something that can wait, or something that doesnt need to be done at...
  10. C

    Alignment, and nolathane, toe/camber kit.

    Hi, I took my car in today for an alignment and checkup at pedders. Firstly, im kinda impressed with how they treated me. I want to know if someone could give me some advice with the numbers. Front camber is sweet, my front castor is about a degree off (L:R, 8.14':7.05'). As far as ive...
  11. V

    VX Commodore - Camber Kits and Where is BEST TO GET THEM DONE.

    Hey there, I have a VX SS Commodore - and like most owners I am sure have or will have experience some kind of WHEEL - CAMBER problems..... Well this is the problem i am experiencing right now with my car. Being now I know for sure that this is what is happening I now have the BIGGEST problem of...
  12. Gurezy

    Supply and fit a 4 point camber kit

    can anyone recommend a good place to supply and fit a 4 point camber kit in a vx berlina. has to be in the western suburbs of victoria thou haha. ive heard of a couple places but im not sure where to go cheers
  13. J

    Camber help

    G'day. i was hoping there is someone out there who can help me with a camber kit or adjustment of camber on my vx berlina. i keep on cheewing the inside wall out of my tyres and its getting worse and worse. any help would be great. cheers.