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  1. J

    earth problem. Help

    Hi Guys. Have just installed a Power Train reversing camera system with distance sensors from Repco. Box that monitor, camera and sensors plug into is mounted in the boot with 3 power wires coming from it. Black to Earth, Yellow to Reversing Lights power and Red to Power Source. Disconnected...
  2. H

    [QLD] Do not buy reversing camera kit from asl automedia

    Warning! Do not buy a reversing camera kit from asl automedia for your ve commodore as it has just crashed my IQ system. Followed the instructions they supplied to the letter. But it failed twice to link in with the IQ screen, now Holden have told me my system will need completely resetting...
  3. theking

    Back up camera?

    Hi guys, First of all, I am happy to be part of your great forum, and I look forward to learn from you guys and try to give back. So I just bought a 2009 Caprice SS, back home, my brother bought it for me, I still haven't seen it, can't wait till summer is here so I can drive it! I know...
  4. Thesickness86

    Speed cams catching more than speeding

    Has anyone on here heard of speed cameras catching you for things other than speeding. I was informed by a workmate today of a story his mate told him. I don't believe it or see how it possible but ill repeat the story and see if anybody has seen/heard or can confirm it. STORY Mate drove...
  5. V

    [QLD] off the hook with this one??

    ok, so heres the story. i was driving on the highway doing 150km in a 100 zone (obviously over the limit) and there was a car in front of me doing the same or close to speed, the vehicle in front of me was in the left lane and i was in the right. WE then passed a speed camera van parked on the...
  6. SUSS8

    !!new speed camera alert!!

    I got an email from a mate that was going around about new Speed Camera's Thought Id chuck it on here. For More Info: CEOS - Products - TIRTL There's one on Maroondah Hwy in Croydon between Croydon and Dorset Rds - a few hundred metres along from the bottom of the big hill. Just a...