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  1. J

    Transmission slip. Camshaft code P0016 and P0018

    Hey there guys and gals I am needing some advice on an issue with my 2007 VE commodore engine number LE0072820012. Ok so the issue is what I think is the transmission but I want to make sure before spending that kind of money that it's not an issue which can be brought on by a camshaft sensor...
  2. K

    Advice on possible upgrades for VE

    Good day fellow VE members Currently I am wondering about my VE as it have a Hurricane cat-back system, i was thinking about going for the next upgrade which was as follow: OTR intake, Headers, tune, but some mates talked to me about going for a cam upgrade, which is mid cam and still...
  3. MACE


    Looking at beefing up your Alloytec/SIDI ride? We have the perfect excuse with 20% off our MACE Alloytec & SIDI Cams till the 7th of October. Don't miss out on this opportunity while stocks last!!!!!
  4. alba81

    Ve Calais V AFM DOD delete kit

    Hi fellas how use all doin? I need some help and advice its my first post I don't really know much that's why I'm here anyways I have a 2010 Ve Calais V AFM L76 motor in Automatic I wanna install the AFM DOD delete kit to make it a true V8 but the kits say you need to upgrade your cam to a...
  5. darrenvp23

    crankshaft & camshaft position sensor issue

    my V6 SIDI 3.0L VE has given me the P0016, P0017 & P0172 codes ive been told the timing chain could have stretched ? i was quoted $2000 for a mechanic to repair however is there anything else i can check first before i spend money i dont have?
  6. Mork123

    SuperCharger for VE SS

    Hi all, I have a 2012 VE SS V Sedan with the following modifications from C & A Auto fashion in Melbourne. Extractors Cat’s Twin 2½” cat back O.T.R Air intake Custom dyno tune (maff) Currently making 263 rwkw according to C & A Auto fashion. I looking to get a Supercharger installed and...
  7. L


    i need to replace my cams and thinking of putting in mace 210/210 cams but i can't afford the dyno tune yet. If i put them in will it throw engine codes?
  8. M

    What cam should I choose?

    I have a choice between VCM and AMC. $250 in price. Including install. I wanted 235/247 however things will start breaking if I don't upgrade everything else, so they've said I'm best at 232/238 or something (I forgot) Car: VE SSV MANUAL WAGON Specs: exhaust, Otr cai etc. Does anyone have...
  9. Jay's Redline

    VF SSV Redline - Camshaft

    hey guys, i'm looking at upgrading my stock exhaust to a 3" Xforce exhaust with an OTR cold air intake, i am currently looking into getting prices from a few places around Sydney. i have a mate with a VE SS with a Stage 5 Camshaft. he recommend me also get a stage 5 after i get my exhaust...
  10. A

    Ve ss cam recommendation for all round benefits

    I would like to know what cams there are out there for all round performance and economy for my VE SS 06 Manual there are heaps of automatic cam recommendations on here although not any manual ones that I have found I'd like to know what cam is going to give all round performance, I don't...
  11. F

    need help for timing chain markings

    I wanted to change the thermostat but thought of putting a new head gasket but now the mechanic doesnt know the exact timing marks for this engine any help would really be appreciated
  12. jwoodsy

    My VE SS DIY Cam swap and post tune thoughts/experiences. L98 M6.

    Hey Guys, I just thought id share with you the path I took to getting my Cam installed myself and my thoughts after the install. There wasn't much around in terms of cam installs specific to VE's so hopefully this will help others out. Please note this is showing how I did my MANUAL Ute. If...
  13. W

    VX SS oz-track cams?

    G'day I was looking at getting a Stealth II cam from Oztrack tuning installed in my VX SS. Anyone know if these are a good cam for LS1s? cheers.
  14. vscom88

    Twin Throttle bodys on an ecotec modifying the loom to run the ISCM and TPS solenoids

    Hey guys, I'm ready to buy this plenum chamber for my ecotec engine that is currently sitting in my garage ( Uploaded in the photos ) The question i want to know is, how would i go about cruise control ? Cruise control runs down the left side and is cable controlled so what would that do if...
  15. M

    Tming Chain Problems

    Hey guys, I've got a problem and I'm hoping that someone can help me out :) I'm rebuilding a Holden V8 to go into my VK commodore. I've changed the heads to VN ones and installed a new EFI camshaft. Now the problem is on the crankshaft gear theres no markings so I'm having trouble...
  16. M

    VK EFI Cam?

    Ok, so I've read a few different things about the VK EFI motor on the net in regards to cams. Some people say you can some people say you can't. Basically I just want to know whether I can run a performance cam in my VK EFI, looking at going for a stage two? By the way it's an auto if that...
  17. Airwave

    vn Cam Change

    Hello guys, Ok, i am about to attempt a cam change on my VN v6. i know all that i have to do but, the Condenser is in the way. i realise that it has to be removed, but that means i have to do a re-gas on an R12 system if i want to keep air con. but that involves retrofitting a r134a system...