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    Exhaust sound

    hey guys, i have a 1990 vn commodore and i get my p's in 8 weeks and want it to sound like a v8 or at least loud and deep by the time i get my p's, but dont have heaps to spend. whats the easiest way of going about this? mates have told me to get a cannon but i dont think they suit commodores...

    Pitching exhaust ideas (custom ideas)

    Hey guys, Got hurricane extractors and 2.5" catback system on my V6 and I want it louder and more beefy without being illegal and knocking out the cat. I have heard about cannons but also seen how s*** they can make the cars look and personally have never heard one before on a commodore, I...

    V6 - Cannon exhaust - Dual Tip

    hey guys, I'm bored as hell and was looking at exhaust vids and stuff and thought I'd ask a question. Is it at all possible to have a 2.5" catback system with no resi, with a 5" cannon exhaust BUT to have a dual 3inch tip over the cannon so it doesn't look like you have a cannon on your...