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  1. Mrk_Mickey

    [NSW] WTB VE Canopy, Sydney

    DESCRIPTION: Want to Buy ITEM: Painted canopy to suit VE commodore ute (no rough surface finish canopies - smooth painted versions only please) COLOUR: Voodoo Blue preferred LOCATION: Sydney, NSW CONDITION: ''Good'' or better - no major damage DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will...
  2. ssvvan

    [VIC] Selling 2011 VE S2 SSV Ute with Sandman canopy in Karma (Auto)

    ITEM: I am regretfully having to sell my much loved SSV ute with 'Sandman' canopy. I have had it since new and have taken excellent care of it both cosmetically and mechanically. I spent over $7000 on extras through the dealer on this one making it rather unique vehicle. It's essential the...
  3. A

    Canopy problem

    Hi, I have just bought a vz sv6 ute and it has a canopy on it, the previous owner has siliconed it to the car and I would like to take it off but I was just wondering, to take it off do I just have to undo the 4 bolted clamps inside the tray and lift it off or does it slide into a groove...
  4. I

    VZ, Single Cab Ute Canopy

    Hi, I just signed up to this site but have been reading for a while now and have found it very helpful. So thanks for the great info. I bought my 1st holden 3 weeks ago after long wanting one. It came with a flexiglass canopy and 1600kg cap. roof racks built into it. I'm hoping to get some...
  5. L

    Custom Ute Lid

    I'm looking for a specific Ute lid, it's nothing I've seen advertised anywhere and I don't understand why it's so hard to find anyone else that has wanted this specific type of Lid. I'm a drummer who just bought myself a VZ Storm, i tried my biggest drum in the tray with a cover over it and...