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  1. J

    Radiator issue VT executive s2

    So. I have a coolant leak somewhere in the system, the car goes through coolant fairly quick, all hoses have been replaced and radiator replaced a few years back, the car has 370,000 km on it Underneath my radiator cap there is a sort of blue and black coloured sludge that accumulates, (there’s...
  2. mohamedelkady

    VZ damaged radiator cap side-effect?

    Hi, I have a commodore/lumina VZ with a damaged rubber seal in the water cap. the water inside the engine levels down regularly, However, the water level in the reservoir tank levels up! Two days ago the engine got hot suddenly. I checked the reservoir tank, the water was almost full but in...
  3. tHe_sTiG

    Friggen thermostat

    I recently had my radiator cap and thermostat crap themselves out, temperatures where fluctuating quite wildly. If I understand correctly, replacing them should be a very simple job... not with Holden. Why in the hell is the thermostat located in such a place that requires removal of the...
  4. VNCalais3800

    Ebay Listing DNA 2.0 Farad Car Audio Capacitor Chrome ACP2000

    Ebay Listing Hey I got this capacitor i have no use for anymore so it has to go $125 starting price $20 postage ends a bit after 7 aest 2 December. search in ebay search Item number: 330500489779 5" Monster Tacho Autogage By Autometer With Shift Light Blue In Color. $75 starting price...