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caprice wm

  1. Jakefromtopend

    Highway mods

    I am from the Northern Territory and have next to no experience with Petrol cars besides servicing My cars is a 2008 WM Caprice with a stock L98 with what I believe is aftermarket LPG setup installed but decommissioned. I’m looking for some advice and guidance on upgrades specific to highway...
  2. S

    WM V8 Caprice is squealing

    Hey guys, got a question. One of my coolant pipes blew off, the clamp seems to have given way. So I replaced the clamp, drained all the coolant fluid and refilled with new stuff. Now the belts are squealing like crazy!! I've dried them off, cleaned them, getting all the **** off. I've used...
  3. I

    [LS2] Cat-Back for Chevy Caprice 2007 WM?

    Dear All, I'm looking to buy a cat-back system for my Caprice WM with L98 engine. I found nice ones from Borla, Magnaflow etc... But those are tailored for the Pontiac G8 GT. I think it needs some sort of an extension to fit in the long wheel-base WM. Any advise from where to buy such...