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  1. S

    Captiva V6

    I own a captiva v6 Petrol and the problem is that it sometimes starts and sometimes doesn't start up at all and then I have to wait for 10 to 15 mins to start it up again. Happens all time and I don't know what's causing the problem. Checked the battery and altanator and it's all fine. Any help...
  2. S

    Pipe or hose

    Hi, can anyone help me identify the actual name for this pipe or hose. It connects on top of the throttle body on a captiva v6. Cheers
  3. Revhigh

    2016 new release, Stealth 3.0 Performance Controller for Holden, Ford etc.

    The updated Stealth 3.0 Performance Controller unit is now available. Give your vehicle the throttle response it deserves. Revhigh stealth Suits the full range of Holden's from VZ onwards, LS1 VZ unit is now being tested. VZ V6 Alloytec, VE VF V6 & V8 are good to go. Suits many other vehicles...
  4. some_evil

    Emissions Light - Captiva 2013 Series II Diesel

    Hey all, I have the Holden Captiva Series II Diesel and over the past month i have had the DPF emissions light turn on (seemingly random) and beep, the light will stay on for anywhere between 10min - 2hr. Every 15 min or so the beeps will repeat, but the light stays solid. After a seemingly...
  5. S

    Help with AC blowing out of front and foot vent not just the front

    Hello, I own a 2011 cx ser2 Captiva Diesel turbo I have a issue with the climate control If i select the air to only come out of the top vent it blows out at the feet and not much power in the front vent All other selections work. How can I fix this any ideas