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car alarm

  1. B

    VE Alarm Going Off!

    Hi everyone, My 2008 VE OMEGA wagon's horn alarm randomly started going off during the day / night. I took it to 2 Auto-electricians, who couldn't explain it. I then took it to Holden, who said the alarm didn't go off (it was there for 2 weeks). But of course would go off when I took it home...
  2. Kye20

    Car Alarm Problem - VY

    I have a VY S pac sedan and have been having some trouble with the stock alarm. When car is locked with the remote, sometimes a few hours later alarm will sound. Dash reports that it was set of by a Passanger Door. Wondering if anyone has had this problem, and what to look at. If i cant do...
  3. M

    Problem with Car alarm in my VY

    G'day all, Sorry if i have doubled up on a thread somewhere, this is my first post on these forums. Just last week I had a Alpine audio system installed in my car and am now enjoying great sounds and great vibrations... my only issue is i have no idea if my car has a functioning alarm...