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car audio

  1. S

    VZ head unit installation

    Having so much trouble getting my head unit out. Can't seem to find any screws to make it budge, besides the tiny ones that are internal and backwards! Taken three screws from beneath the bottom trim, but no use. What do I do?
  2. Disturbed360

    Ve series 1 amp install

    ok so I’m looking to install a amp into my mums series 1 ve omega I’ve never done one in a ve before but I’ve done one previously in a vt and a vx commodore since it has a aftermarket head unit with rca’s is the install basically the same as a vt/vx install just connect rcas, power, earth and...
  3. N

    Does a VY series 2 executive have tweeters?

    I'm in the middle of installing new speaker's to my front doors and was mainly looking at speakers with built in tweeters. I was wondering if this model of car had tweeters installed in it. I don't believe it's been worked on despite what I've done myself, such as installing a new head unit and...

    Bens VZ Calais

    Name: -Ben Age: -22 Year: -2004 Make: -Holden Model: VZ Calais Type: Sedan Engine: 190kw (Once upon a time) High Output Alloytec Transmission: Standard Auto Diff: Standard Engine Modifications: -Cold Air Intake. -Catback Exhaust Power: N/A Wheels & Tyres: Vertini Drifts...
  5. M

    [SA] Image Dynamics IDQ 12 Sub, Alpine V12 amplifier

    LOCATION: Adelaide, South Australia DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up from Adelaide CBD or Murray Bridge SA. PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, or PayPal CONTACT DETAILS: PM me for phone number ITEM: BRAND NEW Image Dynamics IDQ12 subwoofer V3 2Ω CONDITION: BRAND NEW...
  6. L

    VE II SSV Sportswagon Project 2x15"s and 6" upgrade

    Greetings all. I'll be detailing my system build in my (recently purchased) 2012 SSV Redline Sportswagon. Hopefully it helps someone along the way. TL;DR - If you have a VE Sportswagon you can find pictures, schematics and box designs here. The Plan 2 x MTX T8515-44 15" Subs 2500W monoblock...
  7. R

    Android Car Audio and Navigation Powering Issue

    I've mount a tablet into my 2007 Holden Rodeo. It fits very well into the stock deck. The audio is transmitted via normal Aux-in. My basic problem was the powering. At the moment I thought just one option:The power of the tablet is connected to the permanent car power. Then the tablet will be...
  8. W

    car audio information.

    Hi guys, Just out of personal information gain i was wondering could someone tell me in depth about how ohms work now i know a fair bit about electronics and car audio but i never really have had to look in to ohms it was only the other night when i was looking for a new amp for my splits...
  9. J

    Beeping noise coming from speakers when engine is on.

    I've got my speakers hooked up to my amp and when i start the engine i get a beeping noise coming from the rears. It stops if i unplug an rca cable. Yhinking it might be an rca issue, but hey, i'm not certain. hence my post on here. If someone could assist me in finding the problem would be...
  10. jayden.2.2

    VE Berlina stereo specs

    Hey guys, Could anybody please help me out with the specs of the stock stereo system fitted in the ve berlina? Everything from head unit specs to speaker specs would be very greatly appreciated. Thanks lads.
  11. P

    Custom boot audio install: Worth it?

    So after months of contemplation, this morning I was ready to make the decision to get a custom layout built in my boot. Now I'm questioning myself AGAIN, so I thought maybe the experts on here that have done and been through it all might have some insight. My 2x12" Kicker subs in a single...
  12. C

    WH Statesman Parcel Shelf removal

    Hey guys, I have started to upgrade my system in the old Stato, but have run into a big problem very early. I can't seem to gain access to the parcel shelf. I have removed the Rear Seats, but can not remove the rear back rests. I removed the bottom 2 bolts holding the back rests and lifted the...
  13. M

    Planning on a budget

    Hi guys, i have a VL which i am building myself as a school project, i work at supercheap part time so my budget for audio is $1000 thereabouts. I already have a head deck and two 6". They are: XS-GTF1627 and CDX GT600UI. Anything that could be bought preferably through supercheap would be...
  14. T

    150w rms sub

    im after a 150w rms sub i know thats not much but with the current set up and amp its about all im going be able to get which doesn't bother me but I cant find any does anyone know some subs that have the power outage and know how they sound?
  15. J

    quick car audio help

    hey guys, dont know much about car audio but here i go. i have a 1200 watt pioneer sub and i have 2 amps a 500 watt planet audio one which is 4x30 watts at 12 volts and a 600 watt sony one which is 4x60 watts at 12 volts and both are 4 channel. now the question is can i just connect the sub to...
  16. J

    installing splits and an amp into a ve sv6 with little experince.. bad idea??

    i have a sub and amp installed but got it dont professionally for $170. got quoted $190 or $400 for installing splits and an amp, not sure what they smoked to give such different prices are VEs really that difficult to work with if have all the high and low converters? mate has experience...
  17. H

    sub and amp package

    hey i have a VZ SV6 and i have a alpine headunit, im looking for a decent sub and amp package for between 200 - 400 dollars any suggestions?
  18. DarkVR

    Car Audio Newbie Here With A Few Questions :)

    Hi All , Apart from a shitty pioneer deck and some hastily installed 6X9's in the back of my camry , im fairly new to car audio and i'd love to pick your brains if i could ! Currently , i have a set of sony xplod front splits installed and running off the new Fusion 700 Watt Amp and a JVC...
  19. A

    sub/amp help

    will this amp run this sub?????? Soundstream TRX1000D Mono Subwoofer 2000 Watt Amplifier : eBay Motors (item 200417235389 end time Mar-11-10 23:21:07 PST) SOUNDSTREAM TARANTULA T5 Series - 12" Subwoofer 1800W ! - eBay Subwoofers, Audio...
  20. vn_v6

    [VIC] car audio amplifiers x5

    ITEMS: Alpine 2/1 channel amp, 300w voxstar 2/1 channel amp 200w sansui X balanced 4 channel bridgeable amp 500w sentrek bridgeable 4 channel with pre out 195w Alpine 4 channel bridgeable (branded as ford, says alpine on the inside) LOCATION: dandenong, VIC PRICE: poa CONDITION: all...