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car stereo

  1. L

    Aftermarket head unit options VE SSV

    Well the Blaupunkt has finally carked it so I'm looking for suggestions for a single din head unit. I have JBL GTO638's in the four doors (which sound fantastic). Would prefer something that integrates with the steering volume control, have pre-outs for the Kenwood KAC-M3004 amp (or be powerful...
  2. B

    Hearing high pitched sound (with video)

    I don't know whats wrong I have checked everything but may be i haven't wired something right? Can some one please help me. http://youtu.be/keKd_UQliEo
  3. C

    who know the life time of car stereo?

    my car stereo have served me more than three years and the sound is far from good . i want to buy a new one . who know the life time of a car stereo. in fact i don't want to spend too much money on it, a cheap car stereo will be much better. :w00t: