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  1. H

    CAS Problem !!

    So ive just had my crank angle sensor replaced and the car has chucked a dummy spit!! No central locking. Lights coming up on dash. Cant start. Security codes coming up etc. The mechanics are thinking semding away bcm and ecu ?? They've checked fuses etcc. Has anyone got any idea. Or if its...
  2. Mattricho

    1:18 scale cars

    Hi all I have started collecting 1:18 scale cars and just wondering how many of you all collect them and what you have in your collection?? Correctly I have a VF2 redline and a motorsport both in white and just bought a 2000 Monaro in black that should be here next week. Would love to get a...
  3. D

    VX Calais Brake Lights are haunted

    Haunted. Yes. Haunted. Now I have your attention, does anybody know why or have the same issue as this? My Brake lights decide to stop working occasionally. Like they will be on and fine for a while, then they stop working and start working again when they feel like it. We have replaced...
  4. L

    Annoying parking dent prevention??

    Hi all, could anyone help with ideas to prevent having car side dented by careless idiots that park too close and smash there car door into yours, anything on Ebay any good suggestions for protector strip or something that could protect panels ??
  5. P

    VE SS PPSR Discrepancies

    Hi Guys, Recently (as in today) bought a 2013 MY12.5 VE SS. Doing the usual insurance quotes etc, and when I give the registration, it comes back as a Z series. Double checked the PPSR report, also comes back as a Z series. The car has no Z badges, no chrome edges around the doors, no reverse...
  6. T


    So I have a vx v6 auto, I want to get it on the track but don't know where to start.. Any suggestions? It'll be a project car and won't be on the roads just the track, so I don't mind what goes in as long as I can get some speed behind the wheel. Cheers
  7. N

    Problem With My Car, can you help?

    hiya i've got a holden commadore vs 97 and having problems with either the ignition/or the immobiliser, the car started and ran but it just cut out while driving and stopped, i pushed it back to my house and tried to start the car but nothing just sounded like it wanted to start but would'nt...
  8. D

    Vt commodore water leak passenger side

    Hi everyone i have a VT commodore and its leaking water in the passenger side, i know its not the heater or AC because it only does it when it pours down rain in summer its fine. I recently got my windscreen changed and i thought it was that i got it looked at and re sealed and its not that...
  9. C

    My new ride I'm testing

    Had this car for a bit of time now and I'd though I'd share it :)
  10. damankerrison09

    [SA] 1995 Daihatsu Mira Van

    ITEM: 1995 Daihatsu Mira Van (EFI) PRICE: $1500 Neg LOCATION: SA Northern Suburbs YEAR: 1995 SERIES: Mira Sport BADGE: Sport? ENGINE: 850cc Fuel injected 3cyl TRANSMISSION: Manual, 5 speed COLOUR: White EXTERIOR CONDITION: Good INTERIOR CONDITION: Good WHEELS...
  11. J

    LED Dash conversion questions

    hey just wondering what blue LED's would i need for a VY ute? would this do? eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d also could i jut buy normal LED's? what have other people used?
  12. J

    SUBS: 1x 12" or 2x 10"

    which would be louder and deeper and harder? 1x12" sub or 2x 10" subs? later on i will double whatever i get....
  13. C

    [VIC] Car struggling to start

    Hey guys. I own a LPG VS acclaim, and it struggles to turn over when I first start it, every time after the first time it pretty much starts straight away. I replaced the starter motor (with one from the wreckers) and it turned out fine for about a month but then started to play up again...

    Could a vs or vt engine be put in a vr commdore ??

    Just wondering because soon enough I will need 2 change my engine and I was thinking :idea: if it could be possible to put a newer engine in my car
  15. A

    What is the best looking car and the best looking interior

    Best looking car for me, i haveto say the new holden Maloo ute and best interior Audi a8
  16. Denno

    Car alarm DIY or go for a Pro?

    Hi guys, I'm just wondering who would be the best people to install a Python 902 car alarm into my 01 VX Commodore Lumina? I bought it from JB HiFi and the guy said they'll charge roughly 150-200. Is it possible to get a better price somewhere in South Australia? (I live down south -...
  17. A

    VXII Acclaim Immobiliser Security Problem

    Hi All, This afternoon I went to unlock my VXII remotely and noticed the remote didn't work. Thinking the battery had just died I unlocked the car manually with the key in the door and the stock alarm started going off with the car beeping. I tried the remote key again to unlock and lock it...
  18. A

    Dieing in trafic...

    Hey dudes and dudettes.... Ok, i have a S1 vn manual...It has developed a problem of when i pull up to lights it will struggle to keep revs up...like i have put it in first and tryed to stop without engaging the clutch(which i have) and have to rev to keep it from stalling It will do it...
  19. VesperZ

    Which amp wiring kit to use?

    Hi guys, I am at the stage of purchasing a wiring kit for my VZ Berlina. I am looking for a good quality 4 gauge 4 channel wiring kit. I am not necessarily looking for competition wiring, my budget sits between $100.00 and $150.00. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light into which...
  20. magpies1

    i need help buying car

    im new to all this i havnt got a car :embarrass but im saving to buy one and im on my learners is this car alright for what his asking....and for a 1st car.. 1997 HOLDEN COMMODORE Executive VS II Private Cars For Sale in VIC - carsales.com.au thanks:thumbsup:
  21. magpies1

    is it illegal to have interior lights while driving in victoria

    Im going to buy these interior lights the flash to the music but i dont no if its legal or not to have them on while drivinng. :thumbsup:
  22. owen18

    How to Service Your Car

    Hey Total noob here Wondering if someone could do me (and hopefully some others) a favour and make a list on all the things i need to check/replace when servicing a car? I know oil, oil filter, spark plugs but thats pretty much it (stop laughing) Thanks heaps Sam
  23. F

    HELP!!!! vh manifold vaccum ?

    i have a problem with my vh slr 6 cyl blue block . it is curently a project but it goes sweet for first gear lolz but then dumps out on the second the manifold vacumme just drops off can any boddy help ?
  24. H

    V6 restrictor

    My car is an ex police car, and my mate who is a mechanic told me that my engine has a restrictor on it which stops it from reaching it full potential speed wise. What do i have to do to take this off my car?
  25. Sharoo

    Child booster seat in VZ Ute?

    My daughter is sleeping over at my brothers house tonight and his work Van is at the mechanics and only has his VZ ute. I have heard that you can't put car seats in them, is that true? I don't know much about his car, but I do know its a V8.