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  1. K

    VH 253 Problem

    I have a VH 253, 4spd, performance manifold, extractors, 600 Holley. After driving for about 25-30 minutes every time she starts choking and cuts out. I have replaced the needle and seat in the carb but no change at all. To get her to fire back up I give the carb a few taps and might get anther...
  2. VK SL 3800

    VK Varajet idling fast.

    Hi Was looking under the bonnet of my commodore trying to find what caused it to idle a little fast sometimes, and found it to be a little vacuum operated stop thing not retracting properly. Its up the back near the choke and is mounted on a bracket that bolts onto the carbie using the two...
  3. B

    Dummies description...?

    Hi My name is Andy and I need to understand a bit more about the Varajet II carbie that is on my VH standard strait 6 blue motor. I need to find out about the idle screw and the mixture screw. Need points like how to locate them, which screw is which and how the mixture works etc. Any...