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carbon fibre

  1. T

    ADR Compliant Carbon Fibre Bonnet (group buy).

    Hi All, I've found a company that can make ADR Compliant carbon fibre bonnets - Blits Bodykits is the company (type that into google). *I'm trying to gauge peoples interest in an ADR compliant vented bonnet made out of real carbon fibre for the VT, VX & VU Commodores. The vents will help...
  2. Scrubmonk

    [General] How to use Plasti Dip for Carbon Fibre Effect

    Like many people, I have seen the Plasti Dip Youtube clips - and when a local shop had it on special, I decided to give it a go. I had an SS Inductions Cold Air Intake to put on my VS V8 Commodore, it is the CAI was for a V6, but I had recently installed thermo fans which meant I could make the...
  3. J

    carbon fibre rear spoiler

    hey guys i want to get a carbon fibre spoiler for my car, only problem is my car is white and im not sure how a CF spoiler would look. what are your thoughts?