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cargo barrier

  1. A

    [VIC] Cargo Barrier Question

    Hi all, we have a VY wagon with this cargo barrier installed. We didn't get any kind of user guide for it and are trying to work out what the swing out bracket arm things are for and the M shaped kind of bracket?? Thank in advance <BR><BR>
  2. B

    Sportwagon: Dodgy Partitioning Net Install??

    Have just returned from Holden dealership after having a partitioning net installed in an SV6 sportwagon. Upon inspection the top metal bar of the partitioning net does not sit flush with the mounting brackets in the roof - resulting in several millimeters of the bolt shaft being exposed, and...
  3. M

    [SA] Cargo Barrier for Sale

    ITEM: Its a Milford Cargo Barrier out of a VS station wagon, im pretty sure it could also fit in a VR station wagon but im not 100% on that. It is in full working condition but its out of my old car that I no longer own LOCATION: Birkenhead, South Australia CONDITION: Used PRICE: $50...
  4. hwy747

    [NSW] VT - VZ wagon items for sale

    ITEM: Genuine Holden Cargo barrier (including mounting screws for base), Cargo blind LOCATION: NSW Southwest Sydney (Georges Hall) CONDITION: Used (Barrier's perspex is scratched but it is still sturdy and does the job), cargo blind is in OK used condition (NOW SOLD) PRICE: $50 for cargo...