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  1. T

    Sticking new fabric from spotlight over old carpet?

    Was thinking of getting some nice, 1/2cm thickness tops fabric from spotlight and using adhesive to glue it on top of my old carpet since it looks really crumby and I want to re-do my cars interior (mainly repaint/polish the plastic trim because it's scuffed everywhere and looks like trash) Just...
  2. A

    Fitting a radio to VF Calais

    Hi all does anyone have any advice for a novice please? I would like to fit a ham radio to my VF Calais but have no idea how to remove interior trims. The radio has a detachable head unit, speaker and microphone that needs to mounted up front of the cabin whilst the main body of the radio is...
  3. Auzziephoenix

    VZ Calais, Dampish under carpet

    Hey guys, Recently i bought a new vz calais, as did my dad. His one as nearly soaking wet under the back carpet, and mine we noticed yesterday was a bit damp. I've searched around and found some ideas, but none really were the cause (air con, leaking doors). Aa far as we could see...
  4. R

    interia boot lid trim to hide dynamat??

    hey guys and girls, just finished my sound system in my VY S II and i have dynamatted the front doors and the boot lid. is there some sort of boot trim that i can buy to cover up the dynamat? was there a factory option for a carpeted boot lid cover to hide the underside of the boot lid? thanks
  5. D

    Wet footwells... Ideas?

    Hi, I noticed a week ago the rear left footwell was wet when I left a newspaper on the floor overnight, grabbed it out in the morning and it was damp right through. My car is a VT series 2 SS, with the 5.7 ltr, (it also has a sunroof which I have recently cleared its blocked drain holes, no...