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  1. Adrian's Vr

    CAS issues

    So few months ago my car would start to cut out and after 2 minutes of on and off it finally cut out but starts up again, only happens in the morning when its cold, then one day it completely cut off and I changed my DFI module and coils from a old motor, now its 6 months later and its doing the...
  2. Timmy55

    Fuel pump

    I think I have to replace my fuel pump, is it a good idea to change my fuel filter while I’m at it? the car has just over 200,000 and not sure if its ever been replaced? The car will randomly die on me. Sometimes when it’s hot and sometimes 1min after starting it? Iv changed the CAS thinking it...
  3. xDriiftPrincess

    VS Calais flooding it's engine.

    Gets to half way running temp, starts flooding engine and over fueling (dash reads 94L/100km) done code check, no codes displayed apart from all 12's! Used a scan tool and was showin O2 sensors both reading rich, changed O2 sensors, didn't fix problem, next is a long shot but changing CAS...
  4. V

    VX turning off

    Hello As I was driving on the freeway I noticed a 'scraping' sound coming every time I tried to accelerate and as i exited the freeway and slowed down my car just completely shut down with the battery light on. I tried turning it on again but it was just making this slow churning sound and...
  5. N

    VZ idles when cranked but won't run

    So my VZ wouldn't run this morning. At first I thought it was being funny because of the cold weather but it just wouldnt run. It would idle if i held the key in the crank position but as soon as I let the key go back to run it would cut out. I tried this a few times, but couldnt get it working...
  6. D

    Help please, VT Berlina constantly stalls, won't start, no fault codes.

    I've got a 98 Berlina which for the last month has been giving me serious trouble. At first it stalled and had to be towed, traced the problem to the DFI module. A little wiggle of the connecting wires to the DFI was able to get it started, so we replaced the DFI and coil packs for good measure...
  7. J

    Crank angle sensor???????

    Hello all I'm a new member I have just bought a VS V6 3.8 for the 1st week it ran perfect then one night driving home it just stalled doing 70km/h I pulled over and had trouble getting it started, after about 5 minutes it started so I started heading for home, over then next 30km's or so it...
  8. M

    [General] [VS-VY] How to change Crank Angle Sensor (CAS) with PICS

    Hi people, I noticed there is not a how-to thread for replacing crank angle sensors on the ecotec, yet how popular CAS issues are, I thought I would write one up after recently replacing the CAS in my ute. What you will need: Socket set (make sure you have a 24mm for the harmonic balancer...
  9. D

    Commodore cuts out while driving

    I have a VS Holden Commodore, a few days ago my car motor while driving, started to drop out just for a moment then all ok. The next morning I jumped in drove for about 10 min parked, when I came back to the car it wouldn't start, ignition was fine but not kick over. I and others were thinking...
  10. 1991_Vn2nV

    VY V6 stalling intermittently? Try this before you start spending $$$

    Just posting this up, as I had an issue last night and tried searching here for a solution but didn't get much luck with my problem. So thought my experience may prove handy to others... On the way home last night, I started the VY and before I put it into Reverse, it stalled. Before this I'd...
  11. aussie4life11

    something fishy

    hey guys nd gurls. just been reading some stuff about crank angle sensors. but i still cant figure out if mine is the only problem i have. i have a vr 94 v6 auto and have just replaced the trans in it(boy was that a prick of a job lol) and now i just got a workshop manual for christmas. first...
  12. S

    Vr cranks but won't start. Cas has been changed

    My vr just cranks over but won't start. Fuel pressure is good. Theres no spark though. I changed the cas. It fired ran for a min then stalled. Then there was no spark again. I thought that the cas was faulty but upon putting in anougher brand new cas was same problem. I need help. I'm...
  13. jaron88


    Hi, well i own a 1998 VT S1, i have been having trouble starting my car, it cranks but wont start?? Ive replaced my CAS, and a whole new DFI module pack coils+ plate, new leads,new spark plugs. Fuel pump has been tested and is fine altnator os fine also and the starter motor is fine also. Ive...
  14. detox_nath83

    Step By Step Guide for Replacing the Crank Angle Sensor (CAS) on an RB30

    My Guide For those who dont know how to replace the Crank Angle Sensor(CAS)for an RB30 Tools: Phillips Head Screwdriver Spanner to fit Rotor Arm Bolt Hands X 2 Note: Disconnect Negative Battery Terminal Before your Start <--------->Thanks jatsvl 1. First Leave the Dizzy in the...
  15. SUSS8

    Haunted VT? VT Berlina Problems

    Hey guys, I own a 98 VT Berlina, In less then 4 months Ive changed 2 fuel pumps the latest one being a Bosch one and I also changed the Crank Angle Sensor. I tried shocking the fuel pump and no response. My mate came past and we changed one of the relays and we got it started but once we...