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cat back redback

  1. R

    [VIC] SSz 18" wheels, Pedders springs (lowest legal), redback catback exhaust 2.5" for sale

    hey everyone, for sale i have some SSz GENUINE rims with tyres, a used set of Pedders Lowest legal springs (currently on a V6 VY S II, and a Used catback 2.5" redback exhaust for a v6 VT/VX/VY for sale. for details and pics refer below. ITEM: SSz genuine rims with tyres. will probably...
  2. J

    jamie browns 1996 VS acclaim series II

    Jamie Brown's 1996 VS acclaim series II Hey guys this is just some info and pictures of my car, i only paid $1,300 for her in June last year and have spent about $1,800 on her. Model: 1996 VS acclaim series 1 Colour: white Odometer: 260,000 when i got it (June 2010) Engine Type: 3.8 litre...