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cat back

  1. P

    VF Evoke Cat Back

    Hey guys just after some advice. I have a 2014 Evoke sports wagon. I fitted a VCM intake on it and was going to put a dual outlet exhaust on it I took it to my trusted local muffler guy (who also installed the OTR for me) he was just going to cut the stock exhaust and then install duel pipes but...
  2. JSV6

    VF SV6 Catback

    Hey guys, I want to know if I will lose power putting a 3” catback exhaust on my stock SV6. For those wondering, the brand of the 3” catback is Empire Performance. Advise that I am not going to do a tune after putting on the exhaust. I know slapping on an exhaust without a tune on my SV6 will...
  3. I

    Walkinshaw Exhaust

    Hey, im about to purchase a secondhand Walkinshaw exhaust. The system is similar to the picture linked below. http://www.powerhouseautorepairs.com.au/gallery_files/vlb_images1/1513816_404318076380954_1962859566_n.jpg The problem is the seller has no idea the specs of the system. I was under...
  4. D

    Hi-flow cat

    I got a vy wagon I'm putting a cat back 2.5 exhaust on I was thinking about doing a hi-flow cat too just looking for opinions on this whether I should do it or not ???
  5. P

    2011 SSV exhaust upgrade

    Gents and ladies, Looking in to placing a 2.5in cat back system onto my SSV to gain that V8 sound... Trouble is the guy I have been speaking to reckons I need to go the whole hog and include headers and get it dyno tuned as well... Trouble with that is the cost is out of what I am looking...
  6. B

    Finding a decent sounding exhaust for a 93 vr executive

    I want to purchase an exhaust for my 93 vr. How much would i have to spend to get a nice sound with minimal droning and where would i go? Where would be best to purchase it, is it worth the money to get a custom made catback or exhaust? I would prefer a cat back as opposed to a full exhaust...

    Exhaust quiet enough to pass inspection. cam, extctors LS1

    I have a VY SS ute that need a new exhaust that is quiet enough to pass inspection. I notice that the X-force come in 3 types. Obviously the one with no rear muffler is out of the picture. What is the go between other two? Thankyou
  8. W

    xforce cat back for ve ute no front hangers supports?

    Hey guys i went to put a cat back exhaust on the other day but when i did it i noticed that at the front of the exhaust ther are to hangers but on my car there is no supports for them to sit in and the stock exhaust didnt have the hangers on it too, have i been given a different models exhaust...
  9. Shhtef

    [VIC] WTB: exhaust for VZ v6

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to buy ITEM: Im after a cat back exhaust to fit my vz v6. I want at least 2.5" or just something with a nice note, nothing too hectic or embarassing. I don't wanna spend too much but will consider all offers if they are what I'm after. LOCATION: Mill Park, Melbourne...
  10. N

    where to find a x force 2.5' cat back for MY12 SV6 sedan??

    hey all, im looking for a x force 2.5' cat back for my sv6 sedan. where can u find one on the melbourne SE suburbs area ? and where can someone install it for me??? thanks
  11. R

    [VIC] VY Lukey cat back exhaust (new)

    ITEM: Lukey cat back exhaust. Suits VY series 2 Holden commodore LOCATION: VIC, Bulleen CONDITION: New PRICE: $180, negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick Up PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: comment, will PM number/email/address OTHER INFO: this is a BRAND NEW...
  12. M

    redback exhaust...and lame excuse by mechanic

    hi ,i had a redback single cat exhaust with a rear resi fitted on my vy v6 auto (dual fuel), its an off the shelf model and before i had it fitted the exhaust guy said that it wont drone as he is gonna put the rear resi with twin outs , but after getting it fitted it bloody drones alot when i...
  13. S

    VY S II exhaust help for beginer!

    Hi to all the other VY owners on the site! I just purchased a VY S series 2 and need help with exhaust. This is the first car that I plan on getting involved in performance modifications, previous car I only played around with stereos and speaker, so I’m a complete beginner and have come here...
  14. A

    Fuel economy

    Hey, this is my first post, but i have been on this site for a while. I bought my first car ( which is a bloody buety) its a 2002 Vy Ute with full SS body kit, 17" but hasnt been lowered, im planning on using the car for a few work related things so i dont wanto lower it. Yer that pretty much...
  15. xtreme_sony

    Cutting Out Muffler On VP v6, Replacing With HOTDOG, Can you comment please

    Hi everyone, i have a vp v6 commodore, manual. it has wildcat extractors + 2.5" HF cat + 2.5" Cat back, the cat back has an offset muffler which is taking out a heap of the sound of my exhaust, so i have a hotdog that im going to put in place of the muffler, once i have done this i will see if...