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  1. V

    09 VE catalytic converter replacement??

    Hi guys I own a 2009 VE international wagon, While driving a few weeks back i noticed a slight noise coming from the front left of the car and after taking it to the mechanics today he has informed me that i need a new L/Hand cat. Im not super finanical atm with my 4x4 being rego'd and i have a...
  2. J

    can I get some help :)

    Hey guys I really need some help. I drive a VT executive and I love it but I really want to modify it some how. I have seen some videos and am interested in doing some stuff to the car but I'm not completely confident in my ability to do so. I have read in some places that tightening the...
  3. Peter89

    [VIC] VN Cat

    ITEM: VN Commodore Cat, gutted. LOCATION: near: Camberwell VIC - Google Maps CONDITION: old, not working PRICE: $25 ONO DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up or post PAYMENT OPTIONS: Direct Deposit or cash on pick up. CONTACT DETAILS: PM or post here, it's linked to my email. OTHER...
  4. vscom88

    96 acclaim

    i recently just bought a 2.5 inch cat back exhaust with only 1 muffler but wanted to get like a dumper on the back of it or somethin like that. any ideas what would look good? <a href='http://img359.imageshack.us/my.php?image=12052009020.jpg'><img...