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catback system

  1. J

    300cpsi Catalytic Converter, Would anyone reccomend this?

    Commodore V6 & V8 SS HSV High Flow Catalytic converter | eBay Would anyone reccomend this hi-flow cat? going to put it on my 3.8L Eco VX sedan, already have a 2.5'' catback, and extractors will be straight after this, is this one is any good? :hmmm:
  2. I

    [LS2] Cat-Back for Chevy Caprice 2007 WM?

    Dear All, I'm looking to buy a cat-back system for my Caprice WM with L98 engine. I found nice ones from Borla, Magnaflow etc... But those are tailored for the Pontiac G8 GT. I think it needs some sort of an extension to fit in the long wheel-base WM. Any advise from where to buy such...
  3. MattyC

    [WA] Holden VT 5L Stock CatBack

    ITEM: Stock CatBack exhaust off a Holden 5L VT Calais. LOCATION: Perth, WA CONDITION: Used, 100% working order, nothing wrong with it. PRICE: Offers DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: You pick it up off me PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: PM me OTHER INFO: - PICTURES: I...

    New Exhaust on! Question...

    Hey! Got my 2.5" Catback exhaust straight through with center muffler on today (19th Feb) with the 3" dual tips coming on Monday (23rd Feb) and the thing sounds awesome! Pics will be up next week. Anyways, just got a few questions/statements about my car since the installation (keeping in mind...