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  1. gr33nbastad

    Xforce blown cats

    So, about 16,000 klms after install of a full Xforce system with varex mufflers, I start hearing a rattle in the right hand muffler and find a big chunk of cat flapping around, and the left hand side valve completely stuck shut. Pretty pissed about this crap, warranty claim PITA paperwork still...
  2. T

    Confirming what cats to buy

    Hi All, Been researching for a while now and can't seem to find an answer to what replacement cats to buy. Car is a VY Calais S2 L67, is a twin system with oxygen sensors only on the extractor side, 15 year old cats need replacing and I'm looking for a direct bolt in solution to factory...
  3. N

    SV6 LFX High Flow Cats?

    Hi, I have a LFX sv6 auto thats already been MAF tuned with 185rwkw (everything stock) I've been wanting to make that bit more power and be a little louder so I looked into getting some high flow cats. Will they be worth it? and How will it affect the sound of my car on the stock system?
  4. Oz82

    Hurricane cat pipes

    Hi all, I've picked up some secondhand Hurricane Tri Y extractors for my WH LS1. I've currently got a twin 2.5 inch catback system on the car. To join the headers to the exhaust I need cat pipes. I understand Hurricane do cat pipes with 200 cell cats that will bolt straight in which is...
  5. J

    Engine light p0420 p0430

    Hey guys need some help/advise. Just bought a 08 ve from a dealership about 3 weeks ago and 5 days later got check engine light warning, took it to there mechanic scanned it and p0420 and p0430 came up catylist bank 1 and bank 2 below efficiency they replaced o2 sensors code came back up 4 days...
  6. M

    VE SV6 X-Force 2.25 cat back exhaust not fitting on cats.

    Hi guys, I recently thought I would try a 2.25 x-force exhaust on my sv6. When I went to hook it up to the cats the exhaust would not fit. This is my first time trying to play with a 2.25 however have hooked up plenty of 2.5's and 3's so I'm just assuming the obvious that the pipe is too small...
  7. dgp

    [VIC] WTB VFII LS3 stock cats

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Hi all, I am wanting to buy a set of VFII LS3 standard catalytic converters. LOCATION: I am located in Warrnambool Victoria but do get up to Melbourne on a regular basis. CONDITION: Used or near new DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I am happy to pay for postage...
  8. V

    HSV Headers and cats on a 08 VE SS

    Hi all, I am looking for definitive answer on a couple of questions: 1. Will the HSV Headers and cats bolt up to a VE SS(V) without any modification? 2. Could it be done at home with only jack stands? 3. I currently have a 2.5" XForce cat back which drones a bit, will fitting the HSV...
  9. Jonesy40

    [WA] VE Pacemaker Headers and Cats

    ITEM: VE v8 Pacemaker 4-1 Headers and Manta Hi Flow Cats LOCATION: Nollamara WA CONDITION: Used approx 30,000km old PRICE: $650.0 Negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick Up Only PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: Email me [email protected], or MSG/Call 0427 879 473...
  10. L

    VZ V6 Alloy tec auto extractors and cats

    Hi, Does anyone know or have spare or used extractors or cats for a V6 Alloy Tec Auto ute? I had an exhaust installed extractors back and i am wanting to go back to standard, i've had problems with it and i'm over it. Pleasde help! Thanks =)
  11. Daniels-VY

    Problem! cats?

    Hey all, Lately when i've been driving my vy ss ute I've noticed at a very specific low revs it makes an almost grinding/rattling noise. soon as the revs pick up the noise stops. Also some days when i first start driving for the day, when i go to slow down to stop and put the clutch in...
  12. jaron88

    Nice Sound for Extractors/Cats??

    thinking of buying an exhaust kit, just wanna know what to buy and what has a better sound/note?? cheers :idea3:'s
  13. B

    Difillipo Extractors and High Flow Cats

    Hi Everyone, Looking to get extractors and high flow cats for my VZ 5.7 Ute, If anyone is wanting to sell there Extractors and cats let me know. I am after ideally Difillipo Extractors in Tri Y but i will except 4in1, now they need to be a 3" outlet to bolt onto my system at the moment