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cd player

  1. S

    VE Series 1 SV6 Head Unit Upgrade

    I'm pretty good with head units and stuff but I've never done anything on any models past VY so I'm gonna need some help on this one Just got a VE Series 1 SV6 and was wondering if its possible to upgrade the base head unit (no screen) to the stock one with the screen display, while still being...
  2. N

    New Alpline CDE-121EI only ejects Cd's

    My new Alpine CDE-121EI that I've just installed will only eject Cds while saying 'load' Anyone else have this issue with an Alpine? I really don't want to have to take it out to go in under warranty, wondering if anyone knows of any tricks? Also I used an ISO harness to connect it so...
  3. J

    [VT-VX] Installing an aftermarket Head Unit

    Car - 2001 VXII Acclaim Task - To remove the factory head unit and replace it with a better aftermarket one. Reason - Because the standard head units in VT-VX's are bin worthy. Tools / Consumables needed an old coat hanger side cutters the following tools aren't needed if you buy an...
  4. 5

    Installing WM Head Unit in VE

    Hi, Just want to know if anybody has managed to install a WM headunit in a standard VE. Got the unit of eBay, visited holden to get the required plastic surround. Havn't got the unit yet due to paypal issues but have striped the centre console down anyway. By the looks of it I'm...
  5. D

    Ve sv6 2006 electics

    Hey guys, I'm having some issues with my radio unit, and screen, and i need some help from you guys. 1.when im using AUX there is a buzzing noise in the background ive used multiple different leads and nothing is working to fix it. 2. From time to time when i push the next ">>" button...
  6. tHe_sTiG

    (Very!) Curious about my car

    Hi all, As some of you on the forum will have noticed, I'm very inquisitve about my VZ Commodore Executive and would like to know it inside-out. I have a few questions I'd like to ask, hopefully you can answer them :D 1. What does the PWR button do? I read it revises the shift-points of...
  7. boordy_23

    [SA] VY/VZ Blaupunkt 6 CD stacker (broken)

    ITEM: 2003 VY Berlina grey facia 6 stacker Blaupunkt CD player. - The CD stacker/player is no longer working as it read Mech-Error and was pulled apart to remove CD's. - Before removal the Radio, aerial controls etc. etc. all worked fine. - Selling due to finding a replacement 6 stacker...
  8. T

    VX original/stock cd player plug

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has the car side plug for the Eurovox cd player out of a VX berlina... just doing a few mods and need one. ie: if someone has put an after market headunit in and has cut off the original cd player plug and is interested in selling it to me? Or i guess...
  9. The Sicilian

    [NSW] F/S VX S Wheels/tyres, headlights, CD player, badges...

    Garage was getting full so this stuff has gotta go. Please note that if postage is required (wheels being the exception), I am willing to list the item on eBay upon buyer's request if they feel safer making a transaction through eBay for security reasons, however this will incur a small fee to...
  10. H

    VT sound system suggestions

    hey. im looking for a sound system that will fit into the original space in a VT berlina. It can be a screen one if necessary, i just want it to fit fully in the origianl cd player/radio spot. Any suggestions or pics of how you have done yours. Thanks bec
  11. J

    CD Install [Heat Warning]

    Heya guys, I'm running a VS and I've recently installed a CD player to replace the default radio. Now, the wiring, etc. is all done but I'm having some problems mounting the actually source unit - it's also generating alot of heat at the back and top of the unit, which is concerning to say...