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central locking

  1. K

    Replaced lock Acuator, central locking isn't working for this one door: Front left passenger.

    We recently replaced the front left passenger door actuator, as it wasn't locking at all. We got everything working, except central locking for this one door. We arn't sure what the bit circled below is for, if anything. I was also struggling to find any diagrams at all, the two i did found did...
  2. Cliff2468

    Low 150 BCM

    In need of a wiring diagram, trying to install a aftermarket alarm in my Executive Wagon. And it came with its own central locking as well. Anyone know how I would wire the central locking in? Or if I can just run the alarm off the pre-existing central locking. Any info appreciated. (It’s just a...
  3. S

    Central locking

    So I had this problem with my VU ute where the guy I bought it off of had locked the car with central locking and he sold the battery so I couldn't unlock it with the key, after some effort to connect the battery from under the car I unlocked it with central locking, I just want to know how to...
  4. S

    Central locking

    So I had this problem with my VU ute where the guy I bought it off of had locked the car with central locking and he sold the battery so I couldn't unlock it with the key, after some effort to connect the battery from under the car I unlocked it with central locking, I just want to know how to...
  5. S

    Help ve ss 2006

    Windows door locks suddenly stoped press remote indicators flash.front windows stuck down an cant open back doors
  6. BerlinaSeriesI

    Vs S2 Ute Central Locking Malfunction

    Hi guys, I'm changing my head unit in my ute, the central locking worked before I started, went to go get something to drink and thought I might lock it. It wouldn't lock or unlock I cut out this wire that was attached to the constant feed but I'm unsure where exactly it came from, also the...
  7. Tyrone Connell

    1995 Vs Statesman central locking problem

    hi, on my vs statesman the central locking is currently only working when the key is turned in the drivers door, i press the unlock button and the lights sometimes flash and i can hear a solenoid tick but that's it no doors unlock. When i press lock on the key it sometimes works but only for the...
  8. M

    VF remote entry issues

    Hi all, I have a VF Ute V6 2014, Im wondering if anyone here has had problems with VF remote entry not work, i have read the existing forums and couldn't find anything related to the issue I'm having. Out of nowhere both my keys stopped locking/unlocking, arming/disarming the alarm, however i...
  9. G

    VS Series II ute central locking - driver's door won't open!!

    Hi all, I've just acquired a VS series II ute. The key does not unlock the car at all and the central locking is very temperamental. The passenger door will almost always unlock with central locking but the driver's door will quite often not open at all. The casing of the lock inside the...
  10. I

    VT Drivers door lock stuck in unlock position.

    Hi members, Hopefully someone can help me here as I've just bought a VT Clubsport and within an hour I already have a problem. So, when i bought the car, the drivers door lock from the inside, the plastic thing with the orange tab, was stuck half way between fully opened (unlocked) and all...
  11. S

    VY Door locking beeping and central locking problem

    Hi, first time posting. I recently bought a 2004 VY Equipe (series 2) and everything was fine until a week later when upon locking with the remote, the car beeped 5 times. The problem became more constant and every morning I would have to sit in the drivers seat and push the lock knob up and...
  12. R

    central locking problem please help!

    hey guys and girls i have a vz sv6 and my central locking has been playing up lately, and lastnight i locked my keys in the car and had to break in first of the buttons on my key for unlock if i push it once for a second it will just unlock the front door if i hold it down it will unlock...
  13. S

    Change what lights flash with central locking

    ive had a quick look around this site and some google searching with no luck. ultimately i want to add my spotlights to the central locking so they all flash with the indicators when i lock and unlock the ute. surely someone somewhere has wanted to do the same or there's someone who knows how to...
  14. D

    VS wont start

    Hi guys, I recently purchased a VS to use for a while while I save up for a new transmission in my other vehicle. I love the VS its a great car. Yesterday I parked at work for the day like i usually do...i came back in the afternoon and the headlights were on (i did have them on in the...
  15. S

    Help please car wont start turns over then shuts down!!

    hi everyone I have seem to run into a pickle with my auto 1998 vt commodore 3.6l ecotec so the story goes I was coming home from a party on a rainy night car was running fine all electricals central locking etc was working I locked it before I ran inside the next day my key doesn't work and...
  16. T

    All Locks and Doors Jammed

    91 VN Formula The drivers side door is the only one that opens currently no problems with that but just recently when I twist the key to open all the doors only the drivers door opens, all the others are actually stuck shut, you can pull as hard as you can on the locks and they just stay in...
  17. K

    Ignition/Starting Problem HELP!!

    Hey i cant find a post on this anywhere but i could use some help with this. I have a problem with starting my car, evertime i unlock my car with the central locking remote i have about 15 seconds to start my car, after the 15 seconds i turn the key and nothing happens, and i mean NOTHING, it...
  18. S

    VS commodore central locking/immobiliser problem

    I have the problem of not being able to start the car without having to wait 2 hours to bypass the immobiliser. The car somehow got deadlocked and a passer-by said to use the key in the door and force it. Which he did. Got the door open but only the drivers side door. The car would not start...
  19. X

    VX Central Locking/Electric Window Issue...ARGHHH

    Hi!! Does anyone have any advice or can point me to a mechanic etc in Adelaide to help fix this. My Drivers window stopped about half way up and all I got was a LOUD click sound like the motor was working but the window was "stuck". When i investigated it appeared something was lose as a...
  20. dmac1968

    VT Central locking wiring colours and alarm installation negative trigger from BCM

    Hey All, I looked and looked for weeks and couldn't find this information on ANY web site using Google and so now that I have the information I thought I would share it so nobody else has the same dramas I had trying to figure it out for myself. I am guessing that this is also the same for...
  21. dmac1968

    VY Central locking wiring colours and alarm installation negative trigger from BCM

    NOTE: Gave this the wrong heading, it should read "VT Central locking" and NOT "VY Central Locking"... although I am guessing that there is a good chance it would be applicable to a VY, and even more so a VX. Hey All, I looked and looked for weeks and couldn't find this information on ANY web...
  22. H

    vy doors wont lock and alarm keep going off, NOT COOL

    i have an 03 vy spack and ever since i brought it every now and then when i hit the lock button on my key the "door open warning"(3 quick loud horns) goes off but all my doors are shut my boot is closed and the bonnet is shut so it shouldnt go off really, i took the car back to the dealership i...
  23. M

    VR Statesman Central Locking

    Hi Guys I have a small issue with my VR Statesman. On the weekend a mate asked if he could check out my car, I gave him the keys while we were eating inside, he went out and opened the car with the key (he didnt press the remote) and the alarm started going off. He told me all he done was...
  24. A

    HELP PLEASE VR Central locking problem

    Hello all I have been having a problem with my vr central locking. The problem is when I go to lock it either with the key or the locking button on the key it will lock then immidiately unlock itself again and is becoming a royal pain. I have read through quite a few threads but all the others...
  25. B

    PLEASE help ?? - BCM - solar sensor remote receiver problem i think

    Hi there, My keys remote buttons do not unlock / lock the car, however manually in the door the key unlocks and locks the car no worries, and the car runs fine. Ive had a locksmith try and program a new key head , however he couldnt program it to the BCM, so ive replaced the BCM and PCM...
  26. P

    Rear doors on VS do not lock

    The rear doors on my VS will not lock either when I use the key fob button or the key itself in the driver door. They will open either way but will just not lock. When I attempt to lock the car the front doors are fine but the rear door pegs just jolt a little and stay in the 'open'...
  27. B

    How to Replace Central Locking Door Mechs

    My FR and RL Door mechs are cactus. I got a second hand set of four from on Ebay out of a VR. Before I call in my rip-off-merchant mates to help me, and drink all my damn beer, i was wondering if there was an easy way of doing it. I'm quite familiar with taking the door apart, but i've never...
  28. somefool

    dont have deadlock?

    i thought vn's had the deadlock thing on the locks,, + ive read threads about people who have it.. Mine doesnt? i use the master key and i can only lock it normally. I cant turn it any further anticlockwise, but can still unlock the car from inside. (had the window down while doing this)...
  29. Maxxiz

    [VR-VS] Fix VR-VS Key (Pics)

    Firstly, don't come crying to me if you totally destroy your key and have to go buy a new one. I suggest having a spare if you are going to attempt this, however I don't, so thats why I had a go at fixing it. Secondly, The rumour that "The key will erase itself once opened and you will have...
  30. ALOWVP

    Vn v8 berlina wagon door handle latches/ central locks

    i was just wondering if vn v8 door locks with central locking will go in and work on my v6 vp. the keys were lost so had to instal a new igniton and now cannot lock the doors as i have no key. so really need to come up with something soon!!! i did do a search but couldnt find anything so...
  31. MattyC

    Door lock Jam's

    Hey guys, I have a series II VT S 1999 and when i unlock the doors with the remote the front left door unlocks but it wont open because i have to still flick it up like 2mm's for it to fully unlock. Does anyone know how I can fix it - this has only happened from yesterday night. Cheers.
  32. J

    VX central locking

    can anyone tell me how to reset central locking on my VX.. If i press lock or unlock the lights flash like they should but the doors dont unlock. Cheers
  33. JA2Z

    Tips for removing internal door covers

    Hi Guys, I want to work on my central locking. Do you have any tips for removing the internal plastic panels from my car so that i don't break anything. And what is the best way to get them off the door lock? is a special tool required or can you make something up yourself? thanks.
  34. R

    Locking is the Central Issue...

    Hi all, I have a VS Stato that I have had for a year and a half now and ever since I bought it the drivers door is the only one to operate on the key remote. Which is strange because when I lean over to open the passenger door the actuator in the drivers door operates as well. Another annoying...
  35. Abrowne70

    VP Central Locking

    Hey guys so today i was removing my Drivers door, door trim from my VP S2 Excutive, to install some front speakers and as soon as the trims off, i needed to lock my car, much to my surprise it decided it didnt want to lock. Now i have no clue what has happened because i only removed the door...