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centre bearing

  1. IA148461

    Recommendations for Driveshaft Couplings.

    Hello. I need to replace the driveshaft couplings and centre bearing on my 2004 WK Statesman but I am not sure what to go with. Holden want $1315.00 to replace the whole driveshaft then $412 to fit it. I found a set (2 Couplings and centre bearing) made by Cozza for $96.00 online. Repco sell 1...
  2. B

    VZ centre bearing

    From the day I bought my vz it's had a shudder when taking off, i put this down to a bad centre bearing, and thought I'd just leave it until I can afford to have it done, but however yesterday it has completely gave in on me (guessing the the rubber is completely cooked) You can hear it rattle...
  3. Robbo77

    Unknown Issue causing shudder and vibration

    TL,DR shudder/vibration under car when it feels like it Clunk when driving off at times "Helicopter" sound from rear of car Mechanic reckons no loose or obvious wear from inspection Diff oil was low when he serviced it Sorry for the long post guys just wanted to get as much info in as possible...
  4. family fix it man


    Hi, I need some help please. My old VS makes a horrible clunking noise (when hot mostly) when rolling at walking speed. (Reverse worse) I have done the unis front and rear not too long ago. Bought a new centre bearing (not yet installed) (old centre bearing does not seem too bad) ,but when I...
  5. T

    Tailshaft - non replaceable parts?

    I have a vibration that I suspect is a problem with the tailshaft. Took the car in for a full service, new tyres, the lot, and asked them to check the vibration. They found that 2 of the 4 centre bearing bolts were gone from one side so they replaced them. They said that they couldn't see...