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  1. T

    Drive Shaft Center Constant Velocity Bearing/ Rubber replacement Short Life Why?

    My original Bearing and rubber lasted perhaps 150000 plus km. VS series 2 , 6 cylinder , auto , live / beam rear axle Had the mechanic replace it and all OK for a few thousand Kilometres. Then failed and fixed under warranty. Now the second replacement is failing. I can hear that the tail shaft...
  2. MiKExAUS

    VXii Front suspension/steering issue

    Edit:SOLVED! Air in power steering lines is most likely cause. Issue went away after longer drive. Perhaps do a few full locks when front wheels are in the air to bleed air from power steering lines if you perform similar repairs. Thanks to all who assisted! Shout out to VC commodore. Plenty...
  3. X

    Centre muffler delete on V6?

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has done a center muffler delete on a v6 VE? I've seen a few youtube videos with it done on SS's and it seems to give a bit more burble and crackle. I've been told by one exhaust shop that removing the center muffler makes 0 difference to the sound...
  4. J

    Hand brake jammed. How to remove centre console.

    The centre rod of the handbrake handle has slipped back down and become jammed in the handbrake mechanism. I'm guessing I have to remove the centre console to get to it but I can't see how to. I have removed the 2 bolts at the rear under the "junk storage" but can't see how or where to free the...
  5. Chris_

    [VIC] WTB - VE LSD diff centre 3.45

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: VE Commodore 3.45 LSD diff centre LOCATION: Vic Northern Suburbs CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pay shipping, will travel up to 1.5 hrs from CBD PAYMENT OPTIONS: Paypal, Cash CONTACT DETAILS: PM me OTHER INFO: Looking for...
  6. D

    centre cap rattle? Series 2 Calais wheels

    i have a series 2 vt calais with standard wheels and ever since i bought the car the centre cap that cover the wheel nuts is lose, not so lose it falls out or anythin but it flaps and rocks while i drive making a bit of a ticking noise and is very annoying. The metal ring around the centre is...