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  1. J

    Basic modifications

    Hey guys, I’m fresh to the group and forum here, having just bought my first decent car. VF SS Auto Sedan with just under 90k on the clock. Looking for some advice on some baseline/starting modifications that I could get done to make it more of a sleeper. Also if anyone knows of a good place...
  2. snuglez

    Gearbox shavings!

    Recently more often than not i have been having trouble with my 2nd gear popping out when i shift between 2000 - 2500 rpm from 1st . To minimize this happening i usually shift around 3000 rpm . The same thing happens if i shift from 3rd to 2nd with low rpms , so i rev match. As i said this...
  3. T

    ve ute sv6 series ii dash cluster change

    i need to change my sv6 series ii instrument cluster, if i was to put in a SS series ii instrument Cluster would i need to do any configurations etc? or would it be just plug and play?? cheers
  4. ModySLR

    Gearbox, To Change or Not To Change?

    Hi everyone. I have a Chevrolet Lumina S (Holden Commodore SV6 - but it's really an Omega with SV6 kit, the wheels even at 17"), not modified in any way (In stock - Factory specs) I just had a gearbox issue this afternoon. The thing is I was driving with the speed limiter on at (110 Km/H)...
  5. T-Hulk

    VX executive Rear Fender change

    Is it Possible to change then rear Fender from a VX Executive over to a VT to get rid of the ugly reflectors? Cheers Tom.
  6. Scheme

    VIC ROADS & Dash Cluster changes

    I have an Unregistered VN Exec, with the shitty standard dash cluster. Being an Exec, it has the shitty stage 1 cluster with Petrol, Speed and Temp. I've picked up another cluster out of a newer VN V6 that has the option of the Revs tacho. My cluster reads 346,XXX and the new one with revs...
  7. V

    [VR-VS] HOW TO: change a serpentine belt (vs)

    The serpentine belt is the main belt on the front of the engine which runs around a set of pulleys. Its actually very simple to change despite how complicated it can look. I did this on a vs ecotec not sure if its the exact same with other models (vn, vp vr, vt). What you need: -...
  8. Paul_grima

    VN Auto Changeover NEED HELP!!! :(

    Hey guys im looking for any kind of help i can get with this. Recently i bent the chassis in my series 1 Vn commodore executive. It has a decent auto, motor and tailshaft, diff etc.. The car is not fixable or safe to drive. I have pickd up a series 2 Vn Calais needing a geabox n tailshaft...
  9. V

    gear knob

    hey everyone i want to change my gear knob on me manual vs and i was just wondering if u can just change the knob or u need to change the shaft as well. if u can change the knob can someone please let me know how. thanks
  10. TheHutcho

    VT Boot question

    hey I was just wondering you know how it says Holden on the boot above the license plate, is it possible to change that to a different word because i want to put my nickname there Cheers Hutcho
  11. M

    TPS issue driving me mad...

    Hi y'all, I've got a drama with my VT Olympic that is driving me completely mad. The gear changes are all off pretty much all the time - sometimes it will stick in a gear when it should be changing or it will change down when it shouldn't. It's also randomly throwing a TPS error and...
  12. F

    VP Eurovox radio, NEED HELP!

    Hey all, Just got a VP Executive, and I don't have the handbook, was just wondering if anyone knew how to change the time and the preset radio stations on it? Really annoying me!