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  1. low vs

    [QLD] Chasin sum vl walkinshaw wheels or simmons,swap for 16" chasers with cash diff

    Item:mag wheels location:brisbane south condition:used price: Delivery/pick up info: pick up payment options: cash on pick up contact details: pm other info:im chasin sum vl walky wheels or sum 16"simmions,i have sum 16"chasers from a ve commo that have been modifyd to fit...
  2. tlorimer

    Need to buy some vt ext. Body parts!!

    Hi, i've recently ran up the back of someone in my VT, and i need a front bumper, bonnet, and right hand side headlight, if anyone has any of these parts lying around i'd pay you for them, also if anyone was interested in swapping some of those parts for 2 good condition chaser rims with...
  3. Jake.VScommo

    chasers on VS..... what springs best???

    hey, my VS is just running on chasers. i want to turn them into BT1 wheels and i'm just wondering what springs would be best to put in and make it sit nice. i want superlows in front and ultra's or SSSL's in back for wen i have rims put on but appartently u should put that size springs in wif...