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check engine light

  1. MissKaos

    Check engine light

    Hey.. ok.. I have another issue Thought the car was ready to go over for a blue slip, BUT the car has decided to show this lightWhich is doing my head in now. Admittedly my battery isn't 100% charged and the car hasn't been on a drive for nearly a year. The alternator, coils and starter motor...
  2. R

    Electrical Gremlins after reinstalling motor - VX2 SS commodore

    Hi everyone, I need some advice. Last night I got my vx started back up for the first time after rebuilding the engine. I am now experiencing some issues today that I cannot seem to get my head around. Here are the symptoms when I turn the car on: Trac Off, Check Engine Light, oil light...
  3. PandaKazii


    Hey guys, Got stung a bit here bad guys just picked up a 2016 evoke and it’s thrown me an engine light, I got it scanned and it’s showing it’s running to lean. Codes: P0171 & P0174 I have not cleared the codes yet as I want the dealership to fix the vehicle. So check engine light is still on...
  4. J

    Vf ssv 6.0l re tune??

    Hi guys, currently own a vf ssv 6.0l that from new had a walkinshaw power pack upgrade which adds a CAI and 2.5 inch cat back exhaust with a Ecu tune. I'm looking to install the Walky/DPE headers for that more throaty noise that it would give the exhaust and am already delighted with how the...
  5. S

    VX on LPG 02 Sensor Question

    In my v8 VX 2000 Commodore which is converted to LPG, I almost always have a check engine light on when driving on LPG. My OBD 2 gives me the code P152 - 02 Sensor 1 Bank 2 High Circuit Voltage. When viewing live data O2 sensor 1 Bank 1 will be running as normal, perhaps on the low voltage side...
  6. D

    Does not start, does not turn over, check engine light

    I have an intermittent error that has occurred half a dozen times a couple of weeks apart. I turn the key and nothing happens. Sometimes I do it half a dozen times before it starts. After it starts I check a "Check Engine" message that stays until I clear it but the car runs fine. On a...
  7. M

    VY hissing and issues with LPG

    Hey all, long time reader, first time poster. Had my 2003 VY Ecotec V6 Dual fuel for about 2 years now, had a fix a few things (alternator, radiator), but I've run into an issue I'm not certain about. Over the last couple of months I've been using it on LPG, but I've noticed whenever I idle or...
  8. K

    VE Check Engine Light V6

    Car will crank over sometimes and run as normal but as soon as put in drive will completely cut off and other times run as if it's missing a cylinder or like it's got dirty fuel running threw it. It comes up with traction control off all the time but will occasionally turn on. My cruise...
  9. 0

    Check engine light keeps coming on

    Hey dudes and dudettes I just bought an 08 ss commodore, had it for 2 weeks and it's been back to the Holden dealer 4 times already because the check engine light keeps coming on. The first time it come on there was no change in the way it drove, the light just came on so I took it back and...
  10. F

    2011 VE Thunder Ute - Check engine light and other worries.

    I have a 2011 SV6 VE thunder Ute, 68,000kms, Auto and stock. About 6 months ago I started hearing a hissing type noise after backing off the throttle around 4000 or higher RPM. I checked the oil and found my dipstick was dry. After taking it straight to holden for a service and check, I was...
  11. B

    WH Statesman Engine Light at 100km/h

    Hi, I used to be a member back when I owned a vp berlina, a few years and cars later, I'm back with a wh Statesman. In black. With a 5.7... Now, the car is great, besides the occasional creaking of the drivers side door. Something I've read up on and am yet to try to fix properly. Anyone know...
  12. M

    How long untill engine light re-appears after being cleared

    Hello all iam only new to this so iam not sure if this question is in the right place. I own a 2006 VE Omega 3.6L Auto. Recently the check engine warning light came on so I went to a mechanic and got them to run a scan it gave me 2 error codes: P0056 Heater Circuit Bank 2 Sensor 2 and P0158...
  13. D

    Lpg problem - check engine light?

    Hey guys, Im new to the site and im new to car problems also haha, so basically i am looking to buy a second hand car and it is an LPG/Petrol converted car, it is a Holden Commodore Omega V (2006) 4D Sedan 4 SP Automatic GAS/PETROL. Now the problem that i face is that while on a test...
  14. M

    Check engine light: system lean

    So I'm driving one day minding my own and the engine light comes on. I get the code read and it says system lean. No further info. Car drives fine. Using regular unleaded. Get the same error when using E10. Anyone had this problem? Mines a 2006 ve omega 190ks. My mechanic suggested running a...
  15. B

    Check Engine Light/Limp mode

    Hey, I have a 1994 VR Commodore V6 auto and about 2 weeks ago the check engine light came on, after turning it off and starting it the next day it was gone but a few days after that it was back, each time for longer periods of time and each time it went into limp home mode when the light came...
  16. T

    MY.10 SV6 Timing Chain P0008

    Hi all, My 2010 VE sv6 ute with 95,000km on the clock has been logging P0008 and engine light is on. Also noticed massive loss of power moments before engine light comes on (possible limp mode?). Tried clearing codes but problem comes back usually a day or two later. Just wondering if anyone...
  17. W

    what comes up in fault codes on a VN VP

    what im trying to ask is do all the sensors come up in the fault codes like the crank angle sensor, IAC, fuel pump, lines, flow do they show up if they are faulty?? i.e can anyone tell me what sensors are covered by the check engine light and what are not (if any?)
  18. S

    Throttle position sensor ve ss. Check engine light

    My 08 ve ss check engine light comes on the car goes into energy active mode (power save). I have taken the car to 2 different mechanics ( not a holden dealership) and they have both said the code that comes up relates to the throttle position sensor (tps). By what i have read u cant change...
  19. S

    VY SS Shuddering when idling???

    Purchased VY SS Oct 2008, immediately put on a cold air induction kit. approx 5 months ago it started displaying *CHECK ENGINE LIGHT*, then the troubles with mechanics began, after constant diagnostics, each saying a different code, most common was the Air flow sensor, we were advised to remove...

    New exhaust.. O2 warnings.. TUNED.. still Check Engine warnings!?!!?

    Hey all, I got a feeling i'll get the 'use search button' posts by some people which is fair enough because i know there are alot of threads on this general subject.. ive read them. Problem is though I had my SSV fitted with a catback 3" system and the check engine lights come on, as they seem...
  21. W

    Vn commodore memcal problem

    I bought a new memcal chip off ebay the other month and couldn't find the time to put her in. Today I just finished putting it into the ECU (It was the actual chip, not a whole new memcal) and the car starts just fine, while putting out a rediculous amount of new touqe (I can't seem to pess the...