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check engine

  1. MissKaos

    Check engine light

    Hey.. ok.. I have another issue Thought the car was ready to go over for a blue slip, BUT the car has decided to show this lightWhich is doing my head in now. Admittedly my battery isn't 100% charged and the car hasn't been on a drive for nearly a year. The alternator, coils and starter motor...
  2. PandaKazii


    Hey guys, Got stung a bit here bad guys just picked up a 2016 evoke and it’s thrown me an engine light, I got it scanned and it’s showing it’s running to lean. Codes: P0171 & P0174 I have not cleared the codes yet as I want the dealership to fix the vehicle. So check engine light is still on...
  3. S

    Check engine / immobilizer?

    Howdy. Just got my 2010 sv6 back from getting hail repaired, check engine light came on as soon as it started.. The repairers put code checker on it and they said it was an immobilizer error? It cleared and hasn't come back on so far(1 day) Ive never had a check engine light so it freaked me a...
  4. W

    08 VE Calais - check engine, cruise & ESP issues

    Hey all, Been having a few issues with my 08 VE Calais, so thought I'd make an account and see if anyone with a bit more wisdom might be able to help. About three weeks ago the cruise control began randomly deactivating whilst at highway speeds (tested it a little, could only ever get it to...
  5. P

    Wh stato wont start when it starts displays abs off an check engine

    Hey just got a l67 wh statesman. Misses was at the shops tried to start the car sounded like it was struggling then it finally started an check engine an trac off came up stayed on the hole drive. Got home she turned it off i started it again an they didnt light up again. Second time its done...
  6. S

    Holden SV6 MY07/8 Immobilizer Bypass?

    Hi Guys, First post, - While I understand the title could come a little concerning please assure positive intent. This morning my Holden VE SV6 was stolen, I had the ONLY key that has the immobilizer, however the door/ glove box unlock key was inside the vehicle. The car WAS locked...
  7. A

    O2 sensors

    Does anyone know if O2 sensors are easy to change in an 08' VE commodore? Also if anyone could recomend somewhere to get the check engine light reset near Glebe in sydney.
  8. Kargroth

    Check engine issue... please help

    Hey guys I recently brought a 2007 HOT RED VE SV6 Holden Commodore ( see profile for garage pics ) have had it about three weeks now, bought it for 17,990 with three months ago and have been every now and then been getting the " CHECK ENGINE " light come up on the front dash. now the first time...
  9. M

    VE Commodore ABS + Traction control

    Hi all, just wanted to talk about my ABS and Traction Control on my 2006 VE Omega. I drive it about 160km per day to and from work, about 8-9 months ago I lost my traction control and ABS, the lights came on and the messages appeared when starting the car. I wasn't too bothered about paying...
  10. G

    P0420 & P0430 Error Codes

    Hi all, this is my first post on this site. I'm calling on the expert advise of Holden owners to help me with an issue. I just got a second hand 2007 Holden Commodore VE SS-V, and after a few KM's it started giving me a Check Engine warning. A couple of things you should know. 1. I live in...
  11. M

    HELPPP guys..its a VE COMMODORE

    hi guys , I recently bought a VE..its a storm affected vehicle (WA) the first couple of times i started the engine...it coughs nd spits and tels me CHECK ENGINE AND POWER REDUCED MODE so i took the air filter unit and the metal thing on top of the engine off...cleaned it coz it had water in...
  12. F

    fuel consumption

    my 97 vs s2 v6 berlina is having a few problems atm..... its using around 200km of fuel in the city and about 300/350 on the highway...changed the coolant temp sensor, plugs, leads, has a new k&n filter 21/2 inch catback redback exaust.. new fuel filter, its always used to that fuel from when...
  13. R

    VYII Berlina ABS intermittent fail

    Hi All, I have started getting an ABS fail warning with a loud ascending warning tone, at the same time the SRS light comes on. I noticed today when the fault occurred there was a tiny box with a cross in it showing below the degree symbol on the climate LCD panel. I found I could reproduce...
  14. kerrin

    O2 sensor low voltage causing check engine warning

    My 2004 VY check engine warning light keeps coming on (usually when backing off on the power). Holden with their Tech2 scanner have diagnosed the cause to be: "right O2 sensor low voltage". My fuel economy has also dropped to 12.1/100 (was 8.6/100 on a similar long distance trip) The same...