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check powertrain

  1. F


    Just got my steering rack replaced in my Vz sv6 and now it’s coming up with check Powertrain on the dash, any ideas? Only has 125000ks
  2. M

    VZ sv6 driving likes it's 4cyl. (Check powertrain)

    Hi guys, was after some advice and information. I have a 2004 VZ SV6 auto. Last couple of months it has been driving pretty crappy. Just feels sluggish and doesn't have its usual power. Feels like I'm driving a 4cyl instead of a 6. The check powertrain message has been popping up on the dash...
  3. B

    VZ Trans issues - check powertrain

    Hi all - I've gone through all the threads and haven't found anything that matches these symptoms (although a lot were close). I'm by no means a mechanic, but have a basic understanding of most maintenance parts on the car. Driving VZ V6 Crewman (4 speed auto) home last night and at low...
  4. K

    Bad vibrations - Check powertrain

    Hi, Recently I had a screw in my tyre and I didn't have time to change it. There was a slight bump when the screw would contact the road when driving of course and I didn't think much of it, all up I drove it for maybe 20km before changing the tyre. I now changed the tyre and I have a...
  5. N

    Please help.

    I have a VZ commodore, and have had some issues with the check powertrain light coming on, I have been to dealer and have had the fault diagnosed that its the coil pack on cylinder 5, I went to Bursons and got the coil pack, and now, I realise i dont know which is cylinder 5. So if im standing...
  6. davo43

    My VZ wagon keeps refusing to start!

    Ok so I'll start from the start... The mrs and I bought a VZ executive wagon about a month ago as we needed something bigger and more comfortable to drive across Australia at the end of the year... We were really happy with it until approximately a week after we bought it when I stopped at...