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  1. R

    [NSW] Good HQ Holden Mechanic/Workshop in Sydney

    Hi guys, After some info for my HQ, couldn't find a decent forum for the older Holdens anywhere :( I'll be getting my hands on a HQ sedan soon that I'll be rebuilding. Has a straight body with some rust in usual places, wheel arches, window sils, roof edges, looks pretty repairable but has...
  2. O

    VT Carby conversion

    Long story short: bought a vt cheap, did the head gasket, discovered gudgeon pin knock. Since I had a spare 305 chev laying around, I decided to do away with the V6 and chuck in the chev. I'll be sitting a T5 behind it, but we'll get to that later. Rather than buggering around with finding...
  3. V

    Chev grill without the badge

    Does anyone know if I can get a chev grill for my series 2 wagon without the badge? From the pictures ive seen its all in one piece but I like the chrome strip that goes across the grill. Or is it that the badge is stuck on there? I just dont want a chev badge on there
  4. S

    Vz ssz checv badge / holden badge

    I am trying to fit a chev badge onto my vz ssz ute tailgate, what is the best way to remove the old badge and how? Also do you know if the badge fits perfectly? Etc any help would be greatfull, thanks
  5. tHe_sTiG

    Holden badges

    Hi all, I'm living in Saudi Arabia and looking to replace my chev-badged VZ Commodore with Holden badges. What's the expected price and shipment cost for a complete set? Grill, rear, wheel caps and "Commodore" badge. Also, is the set a universal fit for all models of the VZ? Or each does each...
  6. J

    VE Omega Ute - Chev Grill Opinion

    Hey guys i've just been doing some updates on my 2007 VE Omega ute and i'd thought i might get some opinions on what looks good, as i've just purchased a Chev grill and don't want it to be the same old same old. I've already got my rear badge on and sprayed it from gold to black- still keeping...
  7. VzVzVz

    Should I Keep posting useless polls????

    Window Tint How dark do you dare to go?
  8. B

    SBC / 350 Chev Conversion for VB/VC/VH/VK

    Guys, Just wondering if anyone has gone through a SBC conversion with a VB/VC/VH/VK? I would normally just go for a stroked 308, but I have a good VH and a fairly hot 383 SBC and turbo 350 sitting around and wanted to throw together a fun car. P.S this wont be registered if that helps...