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  1. blueray95

    New battery and alternator = no luck

    Hi, I've holden caprice ss 2009 and the issue started 4 months ago I got the battery saving mode on the dash and it was loose ground cable to I've tighten it up but 3 months later I got same problem but the ground wasn't loose and I've replaced the battery and the alternator 3 times one of them...
  2. Mattricho

    HSV not changing the bowtie

    Hi all after going past a holden/hsv dealer over the last couple of weeks I have noticed that the new Camaro and Silverado still have Chevy badges on them. I think it’s a bit sh*t that AUS send a car over the US and they change everything that has a holden on it like they even change the dash...
  3. R

    [NSW] Good HQ Holden Mechanic/Workshop in Sydney

    Hi guys, After some info for my HQ, couldn't find a decent forum for the older Holdens anywhere :( I'll be getting my hands on a HQ sedan soon that I'll be rebuilding. Has a straight body with some rust in usual places, wheel arches, window sils, roof edges, looks pretty repairable but has...
  4. amos_executive

    My 1967 Chevrolet Impala (Supernatural exact)

    Hey all finally managed to get myself a new weekender/project, and managed to get the one i've been chasing for a few years now. as mentioned it's a Black 1967 Chevrolet Impala, 4 door pillarless, as seen on the TV show supernatural. payment is being organised as we speak, and i will be...
  5. S

    Vz ssz checv badge / holden badge

    I am trying to fit a chev badge onto my vz ssz ute tailgate, what is the best way to remove the old badge and how? Also do you know if the badge fits perfectly? Etc any help would be greatfull, thanks