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  1. T

    Paint chips

    alright guys, i know this has been posted a million times before but, yesterday i was polishing my car and saw a spot on the door where 4wd door has hit it, the previous owner has got one of those paint pens for the touch up and used way too much and has run down about an inch further than...
  2. Jaz11

    Fixing Stone Chips

    Hi again. Just chasing some quick advice on best way to fix stone chips on my front bar and hood. Ive bought some colour matched paint from Autobarn and touched them up in the past and while it looks better than white chips on a red hood its still noticeable up close (and if you're OCD like...
  3. J

    Punk Performance

    hey guys, i was servicing my recently bought vt the other day a found a plug all taped up... wondering what it was i unpeeled it and it was the plug that plugs into the air box, but in the tape was a little block with a sticker "punk Performance" with the logo, so i was wondering how do i...
  4. J

    VS BT1 Chip??

    Was looking around for a vs v6 BT1 chip today and confused about what they do? if you can get them? how they work? etc. I went to different holden stores where one holden joint said they can make one for $150, another shop said they never had them in the v6's. So not sure whats what at the...