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  1. sundaydriver

    [SOLVED] Blue 202 won't warm/hot start/idle

    UPDATE (22/01/17 12:30PM) - skip to here to see what's been eliminated so far.- UPDATE (23/01/17 19:10) - Solved. Got a stock 83 VH blue 202 (Varajet II carb.) Have done a full carby clean (but not rebuild) and replaced mount gaskets recently (to fix a vacuum leak), had a run through of...
  2. VK SL 3800

    VK Varajet idling fast.

    Hi Was looking under the bonnet of my commodore trying to find what caused it to idle a little fast sometimes, and found it to be a little vacuum operated stop thing not retracting properly. Its up the back near the choke and is mounted on a bracket that bolts onto the carbie using the two...