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  1. C

    [SA] Wanted: HSV VY GTS 19" single wheel

    IITEM DESCRIPTION: Looking for one (1) HSV VY GTS 19" wheel in shadow chrome. LOCATION: I'm in SA, Adelaide metro. CONDITION: Will consider any original condition so long as its genuine and structurally sound (no cracks). DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up, can pay for postage...
  2. Mattde

    Wheel Refurbishing. Spray, Powder Coat or Chrome?

    So I just picked up a set of 19" Rims on the weekend for a killer price and they are in a little need of refurbishing. Originally the rims were painted silver it seems & thoughts where polish off some of the black marks on them. As i continued to polish they turned more black and it turns...
  3. S

    Ideas needed! - Chrome wheels and their issues

    Rightio so, I bought a set of ANZ Matrix wheels for my VS Ute. They had been painted black by can and I was told that they were all chrome underneath still - no sanding. Obviously it was a crappy job especially with a can and it started scratching paint off just leaning them on each other. I...
  4. Manual Calais

    How to restore chrome window trims?

    Hi everybody. I am on the search to figure out how to fullly restore a set of chrome window trips that in this case are off a vp. They are like a plastic/rubber with chrome strips on them. I gather that you would sand the chrome down and repair any dents and take them to a electroplater to get...
  5. Mattde

    [NSW] VX PARTS, SUBS, 17" CHROMIES. Make an offer!

    Clearing out my spare parts, really just want these gone so make a reasonable offer and come get this stuff out of my way! ITEM: Stock Vx Tail lights. bit of wear and tear, think one of the clips is missing LOCATION: 2214 - Bankstown area CONDITION: Used PRICE: Make an offer...
  6. salute the ute

    My12 chrome fog light bezels

    Here's the link VE Commodore SSV SS SV6 Fog Light Bezels With Chrome Inserts NEW | eBay Is there a how to on how to on how to install these on here. Cheers,
  7. O

    New kid here! Needs some adive

    Hey guys ok can someone give me some advice here, would it be gay to have blue or green footwell neons and neons next to the speakers behind the seats (right next to your head) but have them controlled so i can turn them off while I drive, and would it be ok to have use a neon instead of the...

    [QLD] Chrome trimming on standard rims

    Hey guys, Been looking on the web and can't seem to find what I want. Does anyone know if they make 'chrome trimming' to go on alloy/mags? I've seen some 'chrome rings' for hubcaps cars, but is their anything that we can put on mags/alloys around the trim of them? Thanks for any finds or...
  9. BigBoss

    Black Omega with Chrome?

    Hey all, What do you think about slapping some chrome highlights on my omega? I was thinking boot strip (series 2 style) Door handles and possibly mirror covers This is how she looks now.
  10. B

    [NSW] WTB: VZ Chrome wheel nut covers/caps

    M: A set (20) of chrome wheel nut covers/caps to suit a VZ. LOCATION: NSW, Riverina (But fishing for AUS Wide) CONDITION: New (pref) but can be used in good condition PRICE: $70 for the set + post DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pay freight PAYMENT OPTIONS: PayPal, Direct...
  11. K

    chrome pinstripes on my VZ's lights

    hey there guys nothing too special just throwin these few pics up here to maybe get ur opinion. all it is, is chrome vinyl cut down like pinstriping and simply applied.. does it look a bit iffy? be honest n let me know lol cheers guys
  12. T

    [SA] WTB - 18" or 19" Chrome Rims to suit VZ ute

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: ideally, looking for a set of 18" or 19" XHP Jet Rims in Chrome LOCATION: SA - Eyre Peninsula CONDITION: New or Used, not too fussed. second hand doesnt bother me as long as they are in good condition. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: will pay for...
  13. Mbro

    [VIC] 19 inch flare chrome rims for sale. urgent sale

    ITEM: 19 INCH Flare Chrome Wheels\ NO gutter rash. 2 have very good tyres. other 2 will need replacing. selling because i need the money. looks awesome on any commodore. LOCATION: VIC, Pakenham 3810 CONDITION:VERY GOOD CONDITION! PRICE: 680. neg. possibly for swaps...
  14. nalchlan

    chrome window surrounds

    hey guys i was lookin through the wreckers and there was a vr with a pristine set of chrome window surrounds. and when i saw a vs same colour as mine with the chrome window surrounds on i reckon they would look sweet on my car. so i was wondering are they the same as the ones on the vs or are...
  15. makdaddz


    -MAKDADDZ VT- NAME: Marcus AGE: 17 MODEL: 1999 VT Holden Commodore Executive COLOUR: Tungston ENGINE TYPE: V6 petrol POWER: Standard EXHAUST: Stock GEARBOX: Stock DIFF: Stock BRAKES: Stock SUSPENSION: Ultra Low king springs all round, Munroe GT gas rear...
  16. makdaddz

    Ve 16" ceptors

    does anyone know if you can buy the chrome lips for the 16" Ceptors? i know you can get them for the 15's just wondering about the 16's if anyone can give me any help, would be appreciated
  17. makdaddz

    Can I get chrome rings to suit 16" ve ceptors

    does anyone know if you can buy the chrome lips for the 16" Ceptors? i know you can get them for the 15's just wondering about the 16's if anyone can give me any help, would be appreciated
  18. V

    exec to SS headlights, S2 to S1 boot - pics!

    Hi all, thought I'd upload some pics of a couple of mods I think has improved the looks of my VYII. The headlights are the ebay SS copies, and the boot was from the wreckers, cheaper than getting the holes from that chrome strip filled and painted - I can't believe holden bolted it on!
  19. W

    [NSW] vn s2 v6 berlina sunroof 9 months rego new 18s new suspension

    ITEM: 1991 holden berlina commodore automatic with sunroof:boxing: LOCATION: campbelltown nsw YEAR: 1991 SERIES: vn BADGE: Example: berlina ENGINE: v6 TRANSMISSION: 4 sp auto COLOUR: white EXTERIOR CONDITION: good condition INTERIOR CONDITION: good condition carpet...
  20. mrc25381

    Headlight chrome

    Dudes, What would I use to recoat the chrome on a headlight? I went to clean one the other day and ended up wiping the chrome clean off in 1 or 2 spots back to this yellow crap. So I'm wondering is there like stuff you can paint or stick on to replicate a chrome finish? I've used "chrome"...
  21. V

    putting calais chrome window lining on executive

    does anyone know how to get the chrome lining of the rear quarter windows without braking it? does the window have to come out or?
  22. dah_man_ben

    Side Chrome Strips

    Hey everyone, Just a quick question.. I got a VYII Berlina, and really enjoy the look of the side chrome strip on the Calais. I was just wondering how I could get this on my Berlina? On my Berlina, the strip on the side is just silver (the colour of the car), but it seems to have a groove...
  23. MiSs MeOw

    [VIC] various vn - vs parts

  24. S2_VR_

    [NSW] FOR SALE---VR/VS Berlina Chrome Window Sorrounds

    Left and right hand side. Very Good Condition located Northern NSW, 2471, i can deliver to sunshine coast. I really want to swap for wagon ones. wagon chrome window sorrounds. but other wise ..........$100. + $30 if you want them delivered to sunshine coast area. Call 04 66 66 55 03...
  25. C

    tf gemini not sure i can sellher????

    ITEM: Details removed