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cigarette lighter

  1. RiffRaffMama

    Best spot to tap a new rear cigarette lighter in to?

    My front cigarette lighter is a pain in the ass. It keeps shorting out on something and blowing the fuse and you know, 10 amp fuses don't grow on trees... no, it's more that it's a pain in the c*nt to get to the back of to remount it properly. And when I do, it'll be fine at first, but the first...
  2. RiffRaffMama

    Radio interference NOT a ground loop

    I've just developed a radio frequency interference problem. Before everyone chimes in with "ground loop" it's not an alternator whine or anything like that. This is directly related to charging my phone through the cigarette lighter plug. When my phone is plugged in the radio experiences...
  3. N

    Has anyone mounted a dashcam in a VY Series 2 Executive?

    Hi all, I recently got a dash cam with a cigarette lighter adaptor for my car, but due to the location of the normal cigarette port in the VY I can't really mount the camera without wies running around the cabin of my car. Has anyone mounted a dash cam in their vehicle, and if so how did you get...
  4. I

    Accessories/Cigarette lighter socket

    We have a VZ Wagon and, as far as I have ever been able to ascertain, the only Cigarette Lighter/accessories socket is the one in the Centre console storage compartment. Currently we run a cord to a multi outlet adapter which we sit in the front centre in front of the Shift bar. I have noticed...
  5. S

    help with project

    Hi all. I'm new to this so bear with me. i Have a 1994 VR wagon, now dont kill me but im thinking of installing neons in the footwells. i want to tap into the cigarette lighter for power. my question is does any one know what wire the cigarette lighter is, what colour etc and any tips for the...
  6. T

    Cigarette Lighter, socket has power but lighter not working

    Hey all, So my VE SS has the VE smokers kit fitted which gives you an ashtray and a 12v / cig lighter down the bottom of your dash. the issue i have is, any 12v plug device i plug in works fine and has power with no issues. but the actual cigarette lighter itself doesnt stay in when i...
  7. M

    VY Cigarette Lighter Removal

    Hi, New to the site and absolutely love it! I have just hooked up a Clarion VX00A 2Din touch screen and then put in a power inverter and PS2 :) but i want the power inverter to run power off the back of the cigarette lighter. does anyone know how to romove them? Does it just clip out or do you...
  8. S

    cigarette lighter

    How the heck do i get the 12V cigarette lighter socket out of my dash to replace it? plz help cheers
  9. U

    Running 12v to centre console in VT

    I am looking to run 12v (cigarette lighter) to my centre console so I can charge my phone in there. What is the best place to tap the power from and the best place to run the wiring. Cheers