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  1. Gaiter

    VZ Armrest 12v Socket

    This was kind of answered here: cigarette-lighter-power-acc-not-workingl But I just wanted a more concrete answer if anyone knows. Is the cigarette lighter / 12v socket under the armrest in the centre console of a VZ a live or switched socket? i.e. does it have power constantly or...
  2. S

    cigarette lighter

    hey, a part off of my old phone charger has broken off and is wedged inside the cigarette lighter on my VY Comm. It's in the console and i can't get anything to get it out... Is there an easy way to take apart the centre console to fix my cigarette lighter? Thanks
  3. B

    cigarettle lighter - problem

    Hi all just bought my VY Berlina and it doesn't have a manual - dealer has ordered one for me. Quick question - there is a cigarette lighter in the centre console area but I can't find another lighter outlet - I don't smoke but need it to charge phone etc. The one in the console doesn't...