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  1. Mattde

    Bloody Clarion...

    a Few months ago i purchased the Clarion Cz500A radio for my VX. i installed it fine and its been working great for the the 3-4 months ive owned it but the other day it came up with an error code "MCU UPG" or something like that. i turned my car off and came back later to find it still on...
  2. B

    Bridged 4 channel Amp to one dvc Sub?

    hi everyone, just brought a 4/3/2 channel clarion amp and a single dual voice coil 12" sub. (thinking of running more speakers in the future) the amp can bridge the 4 channels into two, but i then cant go ahead and bridge it into one for the sub can i? if i cannot do this can i leave one...
  3. spokkeh

    New Clarion Head Unit. Steering Wheel Controls?

    Hey guys, first post and certainly not my last. I've just bought my first car - a 1996 VS Statesman. The previous owners took out the factory CD stacker because it didn't work, so I've been thinking I might as well put in a new head unit for MP3 CD capability. I'll fit a lot more music that...
  4. spokkeh

    New Clarion Head Unit. Steering Wheel Controls?

    please delete Sorry guys, please delete