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  1. H

    My vs calais

    Car: VS Calais S1 Year: 05/96 Colour: White over Gray/Silver? Motor: Ecotec Mods : Stock as a rock... For now. Exhaust: Stock, apart from a fat tip. Gearbox: Auto Diff : Haven't checked to be honest. Suspension : Stock. Interior : Calais half leather Rims : S2 VS Calais...
  2. djdomohudson

    What are these marks?

    Hey, I was without my car for about two weeks and when I picked it up it was filthy. You know what mechanics are like, leaning on your white commodore with their dirty oily gloves/hands and stained clothes... But the problem is in the picture here They are sort of orange brown in...
  3. djdomohudson

    [VT-VX] HOW TO: Remove the garnish from a VT boot lid.

    I was having a bash today at seeing if I could remove the garnish from the boot of my VT and I got it no worries at all. So if you're a bit DIY-shy, this should help a lot. This guide is good for cleaning out all the muck behind there, and also for any mods you might want to apply to the...
  4. H

    [urgent help] throttle body spring after clean

    G'day, i've just finished following the guide on how to clean the throttle body etc on my vn. But when i took the spring off ive totally forgotten how it goes back on. i've had a crack at it for awhile now and cant figure it out. im not the most cluey with these things but now im panicking...
  5. E

    [SA] vp calais

    ITEM: vp calais LOCATION: SA, gawler. YEAR: vp calais, 1992 SERIES: VP s1 BADGE: CALAIS ENGINE: 3.8 buick TRANSMISSION: 4speed auto COLOUR: white over grey EXTERIOR CONDITION: very close to perfect, 2 dents in the whole car witch are very un noticeable. INTERIOR...
  6. M

    My Clean V6 VT

    Hopefully this worked, this is my V6 VT, nothing special atm...just a few mods here and there