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  1. holdencallous

    How to clean statesman international rims?

    Hey guys, I just picked up a set of Calais international rims for ridiculously cheap, and being cheap they’re a bit how ya going. They’re covered in road grime and brake dust on the back side and the fronts are filth. Was wondering what I should use to clean them semi easily as i don’t want to...
  2. L

    Cleaning underneath the Park Assist buttons

    Hey guys, long time lurker, new poster. Just a quick one here (hopefully)! The missus spilt some of her drink onto the Traction control, Auto Park and Park assist button cluster in my VF SV6 and it's now sticking. Any ideas on removing the buttons/cleaning without damaging trim too much?
  3. T

    car egging

    Hey there. So two weeks ago my car got egged just like every other car down my street. I cleaned what I thought was all the egg but apon cleaning the car today I see that I have missed a few bits. The paint around it seems to have cracked and I'm worried about the paint work. Is there any way I...
  4. nickkp

    Under hood cleaning

    hey guys, been trying for a while now to clean under the hood of my Vn, used degreasers, car wash, scrubbing everything, but so far nothing works and I'm always left with these dirt marks and spots all over it (pics below). Also this was my grandpas car and has not been washed for 20 years...
  5. B

    Random Misfiring

    Hi, Im new to this forum but thought i would post something and get involved in the holden community, i don't know a lot about cars but wanting to learn, i take care of my 2010 Calais V, and refuse to put anything but BP 98. Is there anything more i can do to take care of my car? I've been...
  6. W

    Metho in fuel?

    I was talking to a mate at work the other day about are cars and what not and we came on the suubject of cleaning parts in our cars and he said that if you put abit of metho in your fuel then it should clean your injectors has any one heard of this before and does it actually work?
  7. Mk III the HSV

    [VE] Clean VE 3.6ltr Throttle Body

    Had a look on the forum the other day for anything relating to cleaning the throttle body on a 3.6ltr. I was having trouble removing the wiring loom to the throttle body. I eventually got it off and thought I might put a how to thread on how to do this. It fairly easy and shouldn't take any...
  8. Mattde

    Engine Bay Cleaning

    Hey all, Planning on finally tidying up my VX engine bay for the first time in... ever. Just wondering if anyone has any great tips on how to do this best and what products/methods are suitable? Ie. Degreaser, Carby cleaner, soap? lol Wanted to make sure I get the best results but don't...
  9. T

    What to do to my VX V6 ecotec?

    Ive got a VT Calais and the motor blew up so ive brought a VX V6 Ecotec, Its sitting in my garage now, so im just wondering is there much i can do to it while its not in my car for 1 more week? (Cleaning) (Polishing) (Seals) (Improvements)
  10. JSTCOZ

    [QLD] Whitewalls cleaning? (pic)

    Hey guys, Recently got my whitewalls done and was curious to anyone else that has them, what do you use to clean yours and how often do you clean them? The guys at 'Mr. Whitewalls' have done an amazing job on mine and gave me some of their own spray to use and i use it once every 2 days to...
  11. D

    Tips on how to clean an engine?

    Hey guys i was just wondering what is the best way to clean a VR commodore engine? I've never done it before and my engine is DIRTY! lol So any tips on what to use or what not to wet? Thanks =]
  12. Turd Ferguson

    [VN-VP] Cleaning Frosted / Dirty Headlights

    If you are sick of your headlights looking frosted and crap here is a simple little How To in order to clean them up a bit. Tools / Products: Screwdriver Socket set / shifting spanner Glass Cleaner/ similar product Maybe some glue/ silicone Step 1: Disconnect the battery Step 2...