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  1. T

    Knocking and Rpm needle bouncing issues

    Hi all I have a vy 2003 Ecotec,v6 auto with 240000 on the clock. Just wanting some assistance.. iv come across an irregular clunking/knocking rattle noise from the engine bay but only when accelerating, when the rpms are at around 1200-3000 rpms and causes the car to shudder/surge and lose a...
  2. Miickyy

    Pleaseeeee help, clunking noise.

    Hey guys I'm seriously on the verge of either selling my piece of sh**t Vx ss or putting a brick through it... The **** box recently developed a wierd clicking/clunking sound from rear right wheel which is annoying coz it goes and comes when it feels like it. I've replaced diffs and I've...
  3. A

    VT knock / click from engine/steering

    Calling all commodore gods. Keen to know your opinions, my VT has a knocking/clicking noise, primarily when I take off or turn a corner at lower speeds. It feels like a steering rack issue perhaps but then I read up about engine mounts.... The cars done 290,000 and has been well looked...
  4. C

    Getrag 5 Speed Gearbox Ticking

    Hi all, I've done searches both on this site and Google and can't seem to find an answer to my particular problem. I have a VT with a Getrag 5 speed box in it. Problem: it makes a ticking noise while driving. ONLY when driving. It starts at around 40km/h regardless of gear and will...
  5. S

    VY Executive Sedan Series 1 - Click noise when braking.

    Hi Everyone - I've been searching for a solution to what may be a minor issue, but as it's brake related would like some advice. For about the last 6 months I have noticed a click when I brake at low speed. The sound appears to be coming from the top of the engine bay, near the master cylinder...
  6. GIJoel

    Antenna clicking

    Whenever I turn the radio on/off, the automated antenna erects/retracts and makes a clicking sound at the end of the process. My best guess is the motor is winding the antenna more than it should and the clicking sound is teeth jumping? I haven't a clue how to fix that :/ Would it be worth...
  7. Jimmy_d_jr

    Engine clicking abs and srs fault, help!

    Hi guys, New here so be easy :) So this morning it started fine but now, the dash beePs and displays srs and abs faults and then when I go to start it the engine just click (preventative I assume), and all I've done today was run some wiring Between firewall and console as I just did the...
  8. speed__demond

    vr rear clicking noise when turning??

    i have a vrII wagon and when i turn right and somtimes left i can hear a clicking noise coming from the rear left wheel... what is it?
  9. C

    Clicking/Chicking noise coming from engine

    OK so ive got this noise and sounds like chick chick chick. its not a solid knocking maybe a tapping type noise. ill post a video if need be. when cars cold u can barely hear it. afta a few minutes of driving it gets louder and louder. And of course as the revs go up the noise is faster. And it...