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climate control problem

  1. A

    Climate Control Stuck on Demist Mode on V2 Monaro

    Hey there, First post on Just Commodores and seeking some help from the awesome Commodore community. Well since I purchased my 2002 Holden V2 Monaro CV8 2013 I've had issues with my Climate Control. For some odd reason it's stuck on the Front Window Demister mode and when I attempt to change...
  2. M

    Whistling noise when driving, and Climate control (issue?) in VZ Calais

    Hey Guys, this is my first post to not only this forum, but first post ever, so I'm probably completely in the wrong spot or something aha So i bought this 04 Calais as a first car a while ago, and ever since having it, it has this whistling noise when you travel at speeds (anything above...
  3. B

    vs berlina losing power

    Anyone had this problem before. 95 vs berlina shuts off when i turn the climate control on. Mainly does it when im driving. The car keeps turning on and off quickly until i turn the c/c off. Its only been doing it recently. I took the car to get a diagnostics check and it come up with no...
  4. S

    Climate Control Issue

    I drive a VE Series 2 Commodore SS Auto Sedan which I have owned for about a month. When I got in it this afternoon my radio appeared to have reset itself as all the stored radio stations were missing. I've since put them all back in but it seems my air conditioning has a serious issue. I...
  5. K

    Holden VT Berlina 2k - x symbol in the right hand side of climate control display pan

    Hi Fellows, I have a Holden VT Berlina 2000 that has start showing x symbol in the right bottom corner of the climate control display panel. User manual says see the Holden dealer as there is some thing wrong with climate control. Air con work fine and i could not see any problem with it...
  6. 3

    vr berlina climate contrail problems

    vr berlina climate control problems hey guys i just bought a vr berlina the other day an im havin problems with the climate control, when i turn on the headlights the climate control turns on but the screen on the control is blank till i turn it on, the lcds in the dash cluster also stopped...
  7. brinz96VS

    VS climate control

    Hi. The climate control unit in my VS Calais has been playing up scince owning the car. Ive read around and cant seem to diagnose why the unit wont physically switch on. Its an intermittent problem because it does operate, and when it deos its fine but then just dies again after 10minutes at...
  8. R

    Odd behaviour from air con

    I have a VZ Berlina with climate control. When the engine is under load eg going up a hill, the airflow will divert from the dash vents to the windscreen demist vents until there is no load on the engine. The effect is loud wind flow noise form the demist vents, no air from dash vents at all...
  9. hsvpunk

    Climate Control Air-Con not working.

    Gday everyone. Well as title says... Climate control air con wont work for me. I after id been at the car wash, thought id bang the air con on to cool me down abit. Push buttons, didnt work. I can up the temp n down the temp but no air thru the front, side, or rear vents. (there is air...