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climate control

  1. B

    Update on Vs v6 statesman heater not working (posting new thread as i can't add to old one?)

    (My heater isn't working on the old stato all lines get hot, heater tap is working as normal just flushed cooling system and heater core doesn't appear to be blocked. Was thinking it could be something to do with the vacuum as when car is under load the vents change from straight on to aiming at...
  2. O

    ZB vs VF Climate Control

    Hi y'all...I'm new to this site and joined the forum as Holden and its dealers (surprise) have been unable to assist. I've transitioned from a VF2 to a ZB (why you may ask-another story) and in the VF2, the HVAC was sweet. I could set the dial to a certain temperature, push the aircon button...
  3. ebonymarie

    VR Calais Climate Control Problem

    hi, So a couple of months ago, my climate control stopped working. It kept frying fuses within a matter of seconds even when the car was only turn to accessories. We established that the whole engine loom has somewhat melted. We have just recently replaced the whole loom but the problem is...
  4. A

    Climate control in accessory mode VF

    I recently purchased a VF CalaisV 2013 and it's great but I can't figure out how to run the climate control fan without the engine running like you can with majority of other cars. Is there a way of running the fan just in accessory mode? I know the air conditioner can't run but a fan would be...
  5. A

    VZ Berlina BCM

    Have everything for climate control conversion and have made up a custom loom from a Calais loom and an SVZ loom and the conversion is ready to go apart from the BCM. The Calais BCM is no good because it doesn't support a rear wiper which is essential in the wagon. Does anyone have a VZ...
  6. A

    Climate Control Stuck on Demist Mode on V2 Monaro

    Hey there, First post on Just Commodores and seeking some help from the awesome Commodore community. Well since I purchased my 2002 Holden V2 Monaro CV8 2013 I've had issues with my Climate Control. For some odd reason it's stuck on the Front Window Demister mode and when I attempt to change...
  7. R

    Ve S/Z To D/Z Climate Control Conversation .

    Hey guys, Im planning on doing a Single zone to Duel Zone Climate control Conversation On my Ve series 1. (Iq Conversation already done.) I want to know If anyone has a guide on how to replace the Heater Box From under the dash? Or has anybody done it before?
  8. M

    Monaro CV8 V2 (Similar to VT Calais) Dash removal

    Guys, Long time lurker first time poster: Have a Monaro CV8 V2 2002 which I have been doing a little tinkering on. Some of the light bulbs in the climate control units buttons have gone out. Looks like you need to pull the dash cover off to get to the unit, hope this can be done...
  9. lowvpcal

    wh grange with wh caprice roof lining question

    Gday all I bought a wh grange a couple months back (was looking for a vito!!). At first I was under the impression that they were based on a caprice as per a hsv history book I have but the vin number implies that statesman. In these books and hsv press release statements on the Internet they...
  10. 9

    Problems witth new car, help!

    hi, well i recently bought a 1994 vr berlina and i was told there were a few things wrong with it but i wasn't sure what. anyway i charged my battery because it was flat and when i went to turn it over it was just making a clicking noise and doesn't try turn over, im pretty sure the battery is...
  11. J

    wk caprice climate control issue

    with the climate control on in my wk caprice. with the fan on any setting and air on the main face vents ive found that sometimes the air will reroute to the windscreen. Ive also noticed it only happens when driving up a hill in top gear (auto). The issue usually clears once the car isnt...
  12. FXST01

    [General] Cool Climate Control Self Test VN->?

    Cool Climate Control Self Test VN->? Written by GSMRobinson This should work on VN and VP Might also work on later models, I'll look into it 1. Turn the ignition from OFF to ON (start car) 2. PUSH and HOLD DOWN the OFF button on the Climate Control Unit (MUST be done...
  13. MGNick

    heat constantly on, cant get cold to work and engine fan turning on earlier than norm

    gday i just had some stereo guys fix my system and on the way home i noticed my thermostat showing a lower temperature than normal on my dash, then i also noticed even when i spin the dial for climate its always blowing warm air out, so i pulled the dash apart and noticed a gal rod with a thread...
  14. $

    Heater wont blow to screen

    hey guys, i know its been coverd before but i cant bloody work out or get my heater to blow to screen, its stuck on feet which is probly default, vp senator by the way, climate control umm would/should be same climate control system as vr/vs would have yeah change that little filter box thats...
  15. J

    Vr zircon problems

    I'm having trouble with my aircon. It only turns on once you turn the power to 3 or 4. And it only comes out at feet ports not anywhere else. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  16. T

    VE Double DIN facia and Heater controls now available

    Hi, Attached is a small video of an Alpine deck in my VE Omega. The Kits will be available from next week. Cheers YouTube - Quasi VE / G8 Aftermarket Headunit Facia Kit - With Climate Control
  17. S

    climate control

    i was wondering if it was possible to change the manual knob style airconditionor and fan controls to an electrical climate control type with a screen? is this possible or does the main car computer need to be reprogrammed etc
  18. T

    how to get access to the climate control fan

    Hey guys when i turn on my climate control i get a really annoying whistling, and as i put up the speed the more annoying it gets does anyone have instructions how to get tot he fan to check it out for a vy s2? thanks
  19. nicevs

    will vs climate control from a berlina/calais work in an exec?

    hey guys i have an exec but really like the climate control option from the calais etc. i was wondering if anyone knows how to make it work in an exec. if its possible.. please help..:surprise
  20. V

    vs climate control help

    i need help. my blower fuse in the hood for the climate control keeps blowing. i have unplugged the fan and the ampliflier. i have also replaced the amp as well. i was wondering if anyone knows the wireing of these or any ideas
  21. D

    warm air coming out of vents even when turned off?

    warm air comes out of my air vents even when the climate control is turned off but only while in excelerating the faster i go the more warm air comes out? Also none of the fan speeds work at all, I checked and changed over but the fuses and relays and still same thing, anyone know whats...
  22. D

    warm air coming out of vents even when turned off?

    warm air comes out of my air vents even when the climate control is turned off but only while in excelerating the faster i go the more warm air comes out? Also none of the fan speeds work at all, I checked and changed over but the fuses and relays and still same thing, anyone know whats...
  23. whitey5759

    VZ Calais Climate Control Fan Noise

    I've had my 2005 VZ Calais for about 6 months (which I bought from a Holden dealer in the city). Since then it has developed what would best be described as a chattering noise in the passengers footwell which I believe is the sound of something in the fan for the climate control. I beleive this...
  24. B

    VYII Climate control vacuum leak help

    My Berlina will divert the vent fan to the windscreen when the car is under load (say going up a slight hill). It seems to be a fairly common problem and searching through various forums there is a suggestion to change the black & white plastic valve just behind the engine block which I did but...